Downloading Release 1.0-b1 of MITgcmUV


setenv CVSROOT
cvs login ( CVS password: cvsanon )
You only need to do "cvs login" once but the environment should be set in you .cshrc or .tcshrc.

To obtain the release (with CVS information)

cvs co -d MITgcm-r1b1 -r release1_beta1 -P MITgcm
This creates a directory called MITgcm-r10b1 in which you'll find the source code.

For later on, CVS will allow you to upgrade your copy of the code as patches are released. For more information on how to use CVS try this starting page.

Download via ftp/http:

You can download a gzip'd tarfile.

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