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Wed Jul 23 17:54:35 2003 UTC (18 years ago) by edhill
Branch: MAIN
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These are initial changes made so that the mitgcm.org web site, LaTeX
documentation, HTML code browser, etc. will build on a relatively stock
RH 9 system.

2 About _ABOUT_ ../home_page/frontpage.html
3 Browse Code _BROWSE_ ../code_reference/callTree.html
4 Subroutines _SUBROUTINES_ ../code_reference/subroutine.html
5 Parameters _PARAMETERS_ ../code_reference/parameters.html
6 Source Tree _SOURCE_ ../code_reference/sourcefiles.html
7 Index of variables _INDEX_ ../code_reference/variabledictionary.html
8 Document Root _ROOT_ ../
9 Web Server _SERVER_ http://mitgcm.org
10 Home _HOME_ /
11 Contact _CONTACT_ mailto:MITgcm-support@dev.mitgcm.org
12 Sitemap _SITEMAP_ ../sitemap/
13 Search _SEARCH_ http://mitgcm.org/cgi-bin/sealion-search.cgi

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