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Updating to use CMIREDIR for some links

1 adcroft 1.1 #TOC Entry REPLACE PATTERN
2     #The following are used to preformat the table of contents
3 cnh 1.2 Installation _INSTALL_ CMIREDIR:getting_started_with_mitgcm:
4     Download _DOWNLOAD_ CMIREDIR:obtainingCode:
5     Compilation _COMPILATION_ CMIREDIR:buildingCode:
6 cnh 1.3 Running the model _RUNNING_ CMIREDIR:runModel:
7     Customization _CUSTOMIZATION_ CMIREDIR:customizing_mitgcm:
8 adcroft 1.1 Tutorials _TUTORIALS_ ^<TITLE>3.* Tutorials
9 cnh 1.3 Barotropic Gyre _BAROTROPIC_ CMIREDIR:eg-baro:
10     Baroclinic Gyre _BAROCLINIC_ CMIREDIR:eg-fourlayer:
11     Global Ocean _GLOBAL_ CMIREDIR:eg-global:
12     Held Suarez Atmosphe _HELD_ CMIREDIR:eg-hs:
13     Open Ocean Convectio _OPEN_ CMIREDIR:eg-bconv:
14     Shelf Convection _SHELF_ CMIREDIR:eg-gravityplume:
15     Tracer injection _TRACERINJ_ CMIREDIR:eg-simple-tracer:
16 adcroft 1.1 # Parallel Global Ocea _PARALLEL_ ^<TITLE>5. Tutorial II - Parallelism
17 cnh 1.4 Tracer Sensitivity _TRACER_ CMIREDIR:eg-simple-tracer:
18 adcroft 1.1 Documentation _DOCUMENTATION_ ^<TITLE>1. Overview of MITgcm
19     MITgcm in Action _MITGCM_ ^<TITLE>1.* Introduction
20     Continuous formulati _CONTINUOUS_ ^<TITLE>1.* Continuous
21     Numerical Algorithm _NUMERICAL_ ^<TITLE>2. Discretization and Algorithm
22     Software Architectur _SOFTWARE_ ^<TITLE>4. Software Architecture
23     Automatic Differenti _AUTOMATIC_ ^<TITLE>5. Automatic Differentiation
24     Optional Packages _OPTIONAL_ ^<TITLE>6. Physical
25     Diagnostics _DIAGNOSTICS_ ^<TITLE>7. Diagnostics and tools
26     Interface to ECCO _INTERFACE_ ^<TITLE>8. Interface with ECCO
27     #The following are used to preformat the front_page
28 cnh 1.4 Atmosphere _ATMOSPHERE_ CMIREDIR:atmospheric_example:
29 adcroft 1.1 Oceanic _OCEANIC_ ^<TITLE>1.* Global ocean circulation
30     Non-Hydrostatic _NONHYDROSTATIC_ ^<TITLE>1.* Convection and mixing over topography
31     Horizontal Orthogonal _HORIZONTAL_ ^<TITLE>2.* Vector invariant momentum equations
32     Finite Volume _FINITE_ fig:finite-volumes
33     Physical Parameteriz _PHYSICAL_ ^<TITLE>6. Physical
34     Tangent Linear _TANGENT_ ^<TITLE>1.* Parameter sensitivity using the adjoint of MITgcm
35     Domain Decomposition _DOMAIN_ The three level domain decomposition
36     #Documentation - see above
37     #Download - see above
38     #Tutorials see above
39     #Browse Code - see above
40     #The following are used to preformat the Quicklinks menu
41     AD _AD_ ^<TITLE>5. Automatic Differentiation
42     Adjoint _ADJOINT_ ^<TITLE>5.1.2 Reverse or adjoint sensitivity
43     Atmospheric _ATMOSPHERIC_ ^<TITLE>1.4.1 Hydrostatic
44     CVS _CVS_ ^<TITLE>3.2 Obtaining the code
45     Flux-form _FLUX_ ^<TITLE>2.13 Flux-form momentum equations
46 cnh 1.4 GM/Redi _GM_ CMIREDIR:gmredi:
47     KPP _KPP_ CMIREDIR:package_kpp:
48 adcroft 1.1 Linear Advection _LINEAR_ ^<TITLE>2.16 Linear advection schemes
49     MATLAB _MATLAB_ ^<TITLE>7.1.2 utils/matlab
50     Nonlinear Advection _NONLINEAR_ ^<TITLE>2.17 Non-linear advection schemes
51     Ocean Equations _OCEANEQ_ ^<TITLE>1.5.1 Equations of motion for the ocean
52     Operators _OPERATORS_ ^<TITLE>1.6 Appendix:OPERATORS
53     #Runtime Diagnostics _DIAGNOSTICS ^<TITLE>7. Diagnostics and tools
54 cnh 1.4 Starting/Restarting _STARTING_ CMIREDIR:runModel:
55 adcroft 1.1 Tangent-linear _TANGENT_ ^<TITLE>5.1.1 Forward or direct
56     Time-stepping _TIMESTEP_ ^<TITLE>2.1 Time-stepping
57     MPI _MPI_ ^<TITLE>4.2.7 Distributed memory
58     Threads _THREADS_ ^<TITLE>4.2.6 Shared memory
59     Vector Invariant _VECTOR_ ^<TITLE>2.14 Vector invariant momentum equations

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