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Fri Sep 20 19:47:28 2002 UTC (19 years, 1 month ago) by adcroft
Branch: Import, MAIN
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Importing web-site building process.

1 adcroft 1.1 Generally you'll want to use "make All" to rebuild everything from
2     scratch *but* if you're not changing the Latex or code-browser output
3     the "make all" will simply re-create the web visible pages without
4     changing conents of latex/ or vdb/.
6     "make all" takes a few minutes on a P4
7     "make Latex" takes about five minutes on a P4
8     "make VDB" takes about few minutes on a P4
9     "make All" takes about ten minutes on a P4
11     Targets in Makefile
12     All - does absolutely everything from scratch
13     all - removes web site and regenerates it from latex and vdb directories
14     Latex - regenerate html from latex manual
15     VDB - regenerate code-browser (vdb directory)
17     These other targets are not usefully employed out of context
18     Templates - create templates used in Bonniefy
19     InstallSkeleton - deletes web site, installs sparse structure, manual and vdb
20     Search - Generate index for search engine
21     Bonniefy - process pages in web-site and added top/side/bottom bars
23     Makefile variables of particular interest
24     TARGETDIR - directory where the web site is installed
25     LATEXROOT - directory where the latex manual is installed
26     VDBROOT - directory where the vdb html is installed
28     You are not likely to need to change these other Makefile variables
29     BINDIR - directory where the bonniefy.pl and swish-e scripts are kept
30     PFILESDIR - directory where the configuration stuff is kept
31     BUILDWEBDIR - normally the location of this Makefile
32     SKELETON - sparse structure

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