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4     \chapter{Model Uses}
5 afe 1.2 \begin{rawhtml}
6     <!-- CMIREDIR:model_uses_list -->
7     \end{rawhtml}
10 edhill 1.1
11     To date, the MITgcm model has been used for number of purposes. The
12     following papers are an incomplete yet fairly broad sample of MITgcm
13     applications:
15     \begin{itemize}
17     \item R.S. Gross and I. Fukumori and D. Menemenlis (2003).
18     Atmospheric and oceanic excitation of the Earth's wobbles during 1980-2000.
19     {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth}, vol.108.
21     \item M.A. Spall and R.S. Pickart (2003).
22     Wind-driven recirculations and exchange in the Labrador and Irminger Seas.
23     {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.33, pp.1829--1845.
25     \item B. Ferron and J. Marotzke (2003).
26     Impact of 4D-variational assimilation of WOCE hydrography on the
27     meridional circulation of the Indian Ocean. {\it Deep-Sea Research Part
28     II-Topical Studies in Oceanography}, vol.50, pp.2005--2021.
30     \item G.A. McKinley and M.J. Follows and J. Marshall and S.M. Fan (2003).
31     Interannual variability of air-sea O-2 fluxes and the determination of
32     CO2 sinks using atmospheric O-2/N-2. {\it Geophysical Research Letters},
33     vol.30.
35     \item B.Y. Huang and P.H. Stone and A.P. Sokolov and I.V. Kamenkovich
36     (2003). The deep-ocean heat uptake in transient climate change. {\it Journal
37     of Climate}, vol.16, pp.1352--1363.
39     \item G. de Coetlogon and C. Frankignoul (2003). The persistence of winter
40     sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic. {\it Journal of Climate},
41     vol.16, pp.1364--1377.
43     \item K.H. Nisancioglu and M.E. Raymo and P.H. Stone (2003).
44     Reorganization of Miocene deep water circulation in response to the
45     shoaling of the Central American Seaway. {\it Paleoceanography}, vol.18.
47     \item T. Radko and J. Marshall (2003). Equilibration of a Warm Pumped Lens
48     on a beta plane. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.33, pp.885--899.
50     \item T. Stipa (2002). The dynamics of the N/P ratio and stratification in
51     a large nitrogen-limited estuary as a result of upwelling: a tendency
52     for offshore Nodularia blooms. {\it Hydrobiologia}, vol.487, pp.219--227.
54     \item D. Stammer and C. Wunsch and R. Giering and C. Eckert and P.
55     Heimbach and J. Marotzke and A. Adcroft and C.N. Hill and J. Marshall
56     (2003). Volume, heat, and freshwater transports of the global ocean
57     circulation 1993-2000, estimated from a general circulation model
58     constrained by World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) data. {\it Journal
59     of Geophysical Research-Oceans}, vol.108.
61     \item P. Heimbach and C. Hill and R. Giering (2002). Automatic generation
62     of efficient adjoint code for a parallel Navier-Stokes solver.
63     {\it Computational Science-ICCS 2002, PT II, Proceedings}, vol.2330,
64     pp.1019--1028.
66     \item D. Stammer and C. Wunsch and R. Giering and C. Eckert and P.
67     Heimbach and J. Marotzke and A. Adcroft and C.N. Hill and J. Marshall
68     (2002). Global ocean circulation during 1992-1997, estimated from ocean
69     observations and a general circulation model. {\it Journal of Geophysical
70     Research-Oceans}, vol.107.
72     \item M. Solovev and P.H. Stone and P. Malanotte-Rizzoli (2002).
73     Assessment of mesoscale eddy parameterizations for a single-basin
74     coarse-resolution ocean model. {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans},
75     vol.107.
77     \item C. Herbaut and J. Sirven and S. Fevrier (2002). Response of a
78     simplified oceanic general circulation model to idealized NAO-like
79     stochastic forcing. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.32,
80     pp.3182--3192.
82     \item C. Wunsch (2002). Oceanic age and transient tracers: Analytical and
83     numerical solutions. {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans}, vol.107.
85     \item J. Sirven and C. Frankignoul and D. de Coetlogon and V. Taillandier
86     (2002). Spectrum of wind-driven baroclinic fluctuations of the ocean in
87     the midlatitudes. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.32,
88     pp.2405--2417.
90     \item R. Zhang and M. Follows and J. Marshall (2002). Mechanisms of
91     thermohaline mode switching with application to warm equable climates.
92     {\it Journal of Climate}, vol.15, pp.2056--2072.
94     \item G. Brostrom (2002). On advection and diffusion of plankton in coarse
95     resolution ocean models. {\it Journal of Marine Systems}, vol.35, pp.99--110.
97     \item T. Lee and I. Fukumori and D. Menemenlis and Z.F. Xing and L.L. Fu
98     (2002). Effects of the Indonesian Throughflow on the Pacific and Indian
99     oceans. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.32, pp.1404--1429.
102     \item C. Herbaut and J. Marshall (2002). Mechanisms of buoyancy transport
103     through mixed layers and statistical signatures from isobaric floats.
104     {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.32, pp.545--557.
106     \item J. Marshall and H. Jones and R. Karsten and R. Wardle (2002). Can
107     eddies set ocean stratification?, {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography},
108     vol.32, pp.26--38.
110     \item C. Herbaut and J. Sirven and A. Czaja (2001). An idealized model
111     study of the mass and heat transports between the subpolar and
112     subtropical gyres. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.31,
113     pp.2903--2916.
115     \item R.H. Kase and A. Biastoch and D.B. Stammer (2001). On the Mid-Depth
116     Circulation in the Labrador and Irminger Seas. {\it Geophysical Research
117     Letters}, vol.28, pp.3433--3436.
119     \item R. Zhang and M.J. Follows and J.P. Grotzinger and J. Marshall
120     (2001). Could the Late Permian deep ocean have been anoxic?.
121     {\it Paleoceanography}, vol.16, pp.317--329.
123     \item A. Adcroft and J.R. Scott and J. Marotzke (2001). Impact of
124     geothermal heating on the global ocean circulation. {\it Geophysical Research
125     Letters}, vol.28, pp.1735--1738.
127     \item J. Marshall and D. Jamous and J. Nilsson (2001). Entry, flux, and
128     exit of potential vorticity in ocean circulation. {\it Journal of Physical
129     Oceanography}, vol.31, pp.777--789.
131     \item A. Mahadevan (2001). An analysis of bomb radiocarbon trends in the
132     Pacific. {\it Marine Chemistry}, vol.73, pp.273--290.
135     \item G. Brostrom (2000). The role of the annual cycles for the air-sea
136     exchange of CO2. {\it Marine Chemistry}, vol.72, pp.151--169.
138     \item Y.H. Zhou and H.Q. Wu and N.H. Yu and D.W. Zheng (2000). Excitation
139     of seasonal polar motion by atmospheric and oceanic angular momentums.
140     {\it Progress in Natural Science}, vol.10, pp.931--936.
142     \item R. Wardle and J. Marshall (2000). Representation of eddies in
143     primitive equation models by a PV flux. {\it Journal of Physical
144     Oceanography}, vol.30, pp.2481--2503.
146     \item P.S. Polito and O.T. Sato and W.T. Liu (2000). Characterization and
147     validation of the heat storage variability from TOPEX/Poseidon at four
148     oceanographic sites. {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans}, vol.105,
149     pp.16911--16921.
151     \item R.M. Ponte and D. Stammer (2000). Global and regional axial ocean
152     angular momentum signals and length-of-day variations (1985-1996).
153     {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans}, vol.105, pp.17161--17171.
155     \item J. Wunsch (2000). Oceanic influence on the annual polar motion.
156     {\it Journal of GEODYNAMICS}, vol.30, pp.389--399.
158     \item D. Menemenlis and M. Chechelnitsky (2000). Error estimates for an
159     ocean general circulation model from altimeter and acoustic tomography
160     data. {\it Monthly Weather Review}, vol.128, pp.763--778.
162     \item Y.H. Zhou and D.W. Zheng and N.H. Yu and H.Q. Wu (2000). Excitation
163     of annual polar motion by atmosphere and ocean. {\it Chinese Science
164     Bulletin}, vol.45, pp.139--142.
166     \item J. Marotzke and R. Giering and K.Q. Zhang and D. Stammer and C. Hill
167     and T. Lee (1999). Construction of the adjoint MIT ocean general
168     circulation model and application to Atlantic heat transport
169     sensitivity. {\it Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans}, vol.104,
170     pp.29529--29547.
172     \item R.M. Ponte and D. Stammer (1999). Role of ocean currents and bottom
173     pressure variability on seasonal polar motion. {\it Journal of Geophysical
174     Research-Oceans}, vol.104, pp.23393--23409.
176     \item J. Nastula and R.M. Ponte (1999). Further evidence for oceanic
177     excitation of polar motion. {\it Geophysical Journal International}, vol.139,
178     pp.123--130.
180     \item K.Q. Zhang and J. Marotzke (1999). The importance of open-boundary
181     estimation for an Indian Ocean GCM-data synthesis. {\it Journal of Marine
182     Research}, vol.57, pp.305--334.
184     \item J. Marshall and D. Jamous and J. Nilsson (1999). Reconciling
185     thermodynamic and dynamic methods of computation of water-mass
186     transformation rates. {\it Deep-Sea Research PART I-Oceanographic Research
187     Papers}, vol.46, pp.545--572.
189     \item J. Marshall and F. Schott (1999). Open-ocean convection:
190     Observations, theory, and models. {\it Reviews of Geophysics}, vol.37,
191     pp.1--64.
193     \item J. Marshall and H. Jones and C. Hill (1998). Efficient ocean
194     modeling using non-hydrostatic algorithms. {\it Journal of Marine Systems},
195     vol.18, pp.115--134.
197     \item A.B. Baggeroer and T.G. Birdsall and C. Clark and J.A. Colosi and
198     B.D. Cornuelle and D. Costa and B.D. Dushaw and M. Dzieciuch and A.M.G.
199     Forbes and C. Hill and B.M. Howe and J. Marshall and D. Menemenlis and
200     J.A. Mercer and K. Metzger and W. Munk and R.C. Spindel and D. Stammer
201     and P.F. Worcester and C. Wunsch (1998). Ocean climate change:
202     Comparison of acoustic tomography, satellite altimetry, and modeling.
203     {\it Science}, vol.281, pp.1327--1332.
205     \item C. Wunsch and D. Stammer (1998). Satellite altimetry, the marine
206     geoid, and the oceanic general circulation. {\it Annual Review of Earth and
207     Planetary Sciences}, vol.26, pp.219--253.
209     \item A. Shaw and Arvind and K.C. Cho and C. Hill and R.P. Johnson and J.
210     Marshall (1998). A comparison of implicitly parallel multithreaded and
211     data-parallel implementations of an ocean model. {\it Journal of Parallel and
212     Distributed Computing}, vol.48, pp.1--51.
214     \item T.W.N. Haine and J. Marshall (1998). Gravitational, symmetric, and
215     baroclinic instability of the ocean mixed layer. {\it Journal of Physical
216     Oceanography}, vol.28, pp.634--658.
218     \item R.M. Ponte and D. Stammer and J. Marshall (1998). Oceanic signals in
219     observed motions of the Earth's pole of rotation. {\it Nature}, vol.391,
220     pp.476--479.
222     \item D. Menemenlis and C. Wunsch (1997). Linearization of an oceanic
223     general circulation model for data assimilation and climate studies.
224     {\it Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology}, vol.14, pp.1420--1443.
226     \item H. Jones and J. Marshall (1997). Restratification after deep
227     convection. {\it Journal of Physical Oceanography}, vol.27, pp.2276--2287.
229     \item S.R. Jayne and R. Tokmakian (1997). Forcing and sampling of ocean
230     general circulation models: Impact of high-frequency motions. {\it Journal of
231     Physical Oceanography}, vol.27, pp.1173--1179.
233     \end{itemize}

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