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Wed Oct 21 00:00:27 2009 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by heimbach
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Initial checkin of two-way nesting code by
Sannino et al., Ocean Modeling, 2009

1 20-Oct-2009
2 -----------
3 gianmaria.sannino@enea.it
5 Initial checkin and first round of merging of two-way nesting code as described in:
6 Sannino, G., M. Herrmann, A. Carillo, V. Rupolo, V. Ruggiero, V. Artale and P. Heimbach, 2009:
7 An eddy-permitting model of the Mediterranean Sea with a two-way grid refinement at Gibraltar.
8 Ocean Modelling, 30(1), 56-72, doi: 10.1016/j.ocemod.2009.06.002
10 Contents:
11 --------
13 code_parent/ header files for a PARENT configuration
14 code_child/ header files for a CHILD configuration
15 code_nest_merged/ routines which need to be merged with MITgcm dynamical core and WRAPPER
16 nest_parent/ package for PARENT code
17 nest_child/ package for CHILD code
19 Assuming that nest_child/ and nest_parent/ are placed in pkg/
21 code compiles for checkpoint_c61x on weddell.mit.edu for both parent and child setup via:
22 ../../../tools/genmake2 -of ../../../tools/build_options/linux_amd64_ifort_generic_mpi -mods '../code_parent ../code_nest_merged'
24 and
26 ../../../tools/genmake2 -of ../../../tools/build_options/linux_amd64_ifort_generic_mpi -mods '../code_child ../code_nest_merged'

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