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Thu Oct 28 13:37:48 2004 UTC (18 years, 5 months ago) by edhill
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 o example script from Karsten Friis that re-formats MITgcm NetCDF output
   for input by the Ocean Data View (ODV) program

2 Preparing input to ODV
3 ======================
5 Here is a script written by Karsten Friis <kfriis@meteo.psu.edu> that
6 converts MITgcm MNC (NetCDF) output into NetCDF files better formatted
7 for input to the Ocean Data View (ODV) program which may be obtained
8 at:
10 http://www.awi-bremerhaven.de/GEO/ODV/
12 This script is meant only as an example and will likely need some
13 modification for different setups. However, it should be a helpful
14 starting point for ODV users. The original email from Karsten follows:
16 =======
18 I send the script that I wrote to create Ocean Data View input files
19 automatically. I run the script in the output directory. - I have no final
20 clue how universal this is for others... I use the netCDF offline mode, the
21 T and S fields are restored every year. Additionally to the script one has
22 to have the monthly, i.e. yearly, averages of T and S I can provide you
23 with these also. I called these files TSout_$monthID.nc these are too big
24 to be send by email. The script is commented...
26 Let me know,
27 best regards
28 -karsten
31 email: kfriis@meteo.psu.edu
32 fax: ++814-865-3663
34 Mailing address:
35 Pennsylvania State University
36 Department of Meteorology
37 c/o Dr. Karsten Friis
38 College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
39 503 Walker Building
40 University Park, PA 16802-5013
41 USA
43 http://www.met.psu.edu/dept/faculty/Friis.htm

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