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Contents of /MITgcm/verification/tutorial_deep_convection/code/DIAGNOSTICS_SIZE.h

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Wed Apr 23 23:24:22 2008 UTC (16 years, 2 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
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update this set-up : higher resolution and larger computational domain

1 C $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/pkg/diagnostics/DIAGNOSTICS_SIZE.h,v 1.5 2008/02/05 15:31:19 jmc Exp $
2 C $Name: $
5 C Diagnostics Array Dimension
6 C ---------------------------
7 C ndiagMax :: maximum total number of available diagnostics
8 C numlists :: maximum number of diagnostics list (in data.diagnostics)
9 C numperlist :: maximum number of active diagnostics per list (data.diagnostics)
10 C numLevels :: maximum number of levels to write (data.diagnostics)
11 C numDiags :: maximum size of the storage array for active 2D/3D diagnostics
12 C nRegions :: maximum number of regions (statistics-diagnostics)
13 C sizRegMsk :: maximum size of the regional-mask (statistics-diagnostics)
14 C nStats :: maximum number of statistics (e.g.: aver,min,max ...)
15 C diagSt_size:: maximum size of the storage array for statistics-diagnostics
16 C Note : may need to increase "numDiags" when using several 2D/3D diagnostics,
17 C and "diagSt_size" (statistics-diags) since values here are deliberately small.
18 INTEGER ndiagMax
19 INTEGER numlists, numperlist, numLevels
20 INTEGER numDiags
21 INTEGER nRegions, sizRegMsk, nStats
22 INTEGER diagSt_size
23 PARAMETER( ndiagMax = 500 )
24 PARAMETER( numlists = 10, numperlist = 50, numLevels=2*Nr )
25 PARAMETER( numDiags = 10*Nr )
26 PARAMETER( nRegions = 0 , sizRegMsk = 1 , nStats = 4 )
27 PARAMETER( diagSt_size = 10*Nr )
30 CEH3 ;;; Local Variables: ***
31 CEH3 ;;; mode:fortran ***
32 CEH3 ;;; End: ***

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