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Annotation of /MITgcm/verification/natl_box_adjoint/code_seaice/SEAICE_OPTIONS.h

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Fri Feb 14 08:19:22 2003 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by dimitri
Branch: ecco-branch
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Adding verification/natl_box_adjoint/*_seaice/*

1 dimitri C $Header:
3     C /==========================================================\
4     C | SEAICE_OPTIONS.h |
5     C | o CPP options file for sea ice package. |
6     C |==========================================================|
7     C | Use this file for selecting options within the sea ice |
8     C | package. Sea ice model is enabled with ALLOW_SEAICE in |
9     C | CPP_OPTIONS.h |
10     C \==========================================================/
12     #include "CPP_OPTIONS.h"
14     #ifdef ALLOW_SEAICE
16     C-- Write "text-plots" of certain fields in STDOUT for debugging.
17     #undef SEAICE_DEBUG
19     C-- Allow sea-ice dynamic code.
20     C This option is provided to allow use of TAMC
21     C on the thermodynamics component of the code only.
22     C Sea-ice dynamics can also be turned off at runtime
23     C using variable SEAICEuseDYNAMICS.
26     C-- By default, pkg/seaice defines forcing variable internally, in
27     C SEAICE_FFIELDS.h, and reads them in from files. When CPP option
28     C SEAICE_EXTERNAL_FORCING is defined, the above forcing variables
29     C are defined and provided by an external package. At present this
30     C option is hardwired for pkg/exf and the variables are passed using
31     C include file exf_fields.h.
34     C-- By default, the sea-ice package uses its own integrated bulk
35     C formulae to compute fluxes (fu, fv, EmPmR, Qnet, and Qsw) over
36     C open-ocean. When this flag is set, these variables are computed
37     C in a separate external package, for example, pkg/exf, and then
38     C modified for sea-ice effects by pkg/seaice.
41     #endif ALLOW_SEAICE

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