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Annotation of /MITgcm/verification/natl_box/code/DIAGNOSTICS_SIZE.h

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Thu May 19 03:53:35 2005 UTC (18 years, 4 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: checkpoint64y, checkpoint64x, checkpoint58l_post, checkpoint64z, checkpoint57t_post, checkpoint64q, checkpoint64p, checkpoint64s, checkpoint64r, checkpoint64u, checkpoint64t, checkpoint64w, checkpoint64v, checkpoint64i, checkpoint64h, checkpoint64k, checkpoint64j, checkpoint64m, checkpoint64l, checkpoint64o, checkpoint64n, checkpoint64a, checkpoint57o_post, checkpoint64c, checkpoint64b, checkpoint64e, checkpoint64d, checkpoint64g, checkpoint64f, checkpoint58e_post, checkpoint57v_post, checkpoint58u_post, checkpoint58w_post, checkpoint57m_post, checkpoint57s_post, checkpoint63p, checkpoint63q, checkpoint63r, checkpoint63s, checkpoint63l, checkpoint63m, checkpoint63n, checkpoint63o, checkpoint63h, checkpoint63i, checkpoint63j, checkpoint63k, checkpoint63d, checkpoint63e, checkpoint63f, checkpoint63g, checkpoint63a, checkpoint63b, checkpoint63c, checkpoint57k_post, checkpoint64, checkpoint65, checkpoint60, checkpoint61, checkpoint62, checkpoint63, checkpoint58r_post, checkpoint57i_post, checkpoint57y_post, checkpoint66g, checkpoint66f, checkpoint66e, checkpoint66d, checkpoint66c, checkpoint66b, checkpoint66a, checkpoint66o, checkpoint66n, checkpoint66m, checkpoint66l, checkpoint66k, checkpoint66j, checkpoint66i, checkpoint66h, checkpoint58n_post, checkpoint58x_post, checkpoint58t_post, checkpoint58h_post, checkpoint65z, checkpoint65x, checkpoint65y, checkpoint65r, checkpoint65s, checkpoint65p, checkpoint65q, checkpoint65v, checkpoint65w, checkpoint65t, checkpoint65u, checkpoint65j, checkpoint65k, checkpoint65h, checkpoint65i, checkpoint65n, checkpoint65o, checkpoint65l, checkpoint65m, checkpoint65b, checkpoint65c, checkpoint65a, checkpoint65f, checkpoint65g, checkpoint65d, checkpoint65e, checkpoint57y_pre, checkpoint58q_post, checkpoint59q, checkpoint59p, checkpoint59r, checkpoint58j_post, checkpoint59e, checkpoint59d, checkpoint59g, checkpoint59f, checkpoint59a, checkpoint59c, checkpoint59b, checkpoint59m, checkpoint59l, checkpoint59o, checkpoint59n, checkpoint59i, checkpoint59h, checkpoint59k, checkpoint59j, checkpoint57r_post, checkpoint59, checkpoint58, checkpoint57h_done, checkpoint58f_post, checkpoint57x_post, checkpoint58d_post, checkpoint58c_post, checkpoint57w_post, checkpoint57p_post, checkpint57u_post, checkpoint58a_post, checkpoint58i_post, checkpoint57q_post, checkpoint58g_post, checkpoint58o_post, checkpoint57z_post, checkpoint62c, checkpoint62b, checkpoint62a, checkpoint62g, checkpoint62f, checkpoint62e, checkpoint62d, checkpoint62k, checkpoint62j, checkpoint62i, checkpoint62h, checkpoint62o, checkpoint62n, checkpoint62m, checkpoint62l, checkpoint62s, checkpoint62r, checkpoint62q, checkpoint62p, checkpoint62w, checkpoint62v, checkpoint62u, checkpoint62t, checkpoint62z, checkpoint62y, checkpoint62x, checkpoint58y_post, checkpoint58k_post, checkpoint58v_post, checkpoint58s_post, checkpoint61f, checkpoint61g, checkpoint61d, checkpoint61e, checkpoint61b, checkpoint61c, checkpoint58p_post, checkpoint61a, checkpoint61n, checkpoint61o, checkpoint61l, checkpoint61m, checkpoint61j, checkpoint61k, checkpoint61h, checkpoint61i, checkpoint61v, checkpoint61w, checkpoint61t, checkpoint61u, checkpoint61r, checkpoint61s, checkpoint61p, checkpoint61q, checkpoint57j_post, checkpoint61z, checkpoint61x, checkpoint61y, checkpoint58b_post, checkpoint58m_post, checkpoint57l_post, HEAD
Changes since 1.1: +14 -7 lines
File MIME type: text/plain
add new dimensions for Global/Regional statistics diagnostics

1 jmc 1.2 C $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/pkg/diagnostics/DIAGNOSTICS_SIZE.h,v 1.2 2004/12/13 23:07:05 jmc Exp $
2 dimitri 1.1 C $Name: $
5     C Diagnostics Array Dimension
6     C ---------------------------
7     C ndiagMax :: maximum total number of available diagnostics
8     C numlists :: maximum number of diagnostics list (in data.diagnostics)
9     C numperlist :: maximum number of active diagnostics per list (data.diagnostics)
10     C numLevels :: maximum number of levels to write (data.diagnostics)
11 jmc 1.2 C numdiags :: maximum size of the storage array for active 2D/3D diagnostics
12     C nRegions :: maximum number of regions (statistics-diagnostics)
13     C nStats :: maximum number of statistics (e.g.: aver,min,max ...)
14     C diagSt_size:: maximum size of the storage array for statistics-diagnostics
15     C Note : may need to increase "numdiags" when using several 2D/3D diagnostics,
16     C and "diagSt_size" (statistics-diags) since values here are deliberately small.
17 dimitri 1.1 INTEGER ndiagMax
18 jmc 1.2 INTEGER numlists, numperlist, numLevels
19 dimitri 1.1 INTEGER numdiags
20 jmc 1.2 INTEGER nRegions, nStats
21     INTEGER diagSt_size
22 dimitri 1.1 PARAMETER( ndiagMax = 500 )
23 jmc 1.2 PARAMETER( numlists = 10, numperlist = 50, numLevels=2*Nr )
24     PARAMETER( numdiags = 5*Nr )
25     PARAMETER( nRegions = 0 , nStats = 4 )
26     PARAMETER( diagSt_size = 10*Nr )
27 dimitri 1.1
29     CEH3 ;;; Local Variables: ***
30     CEH3 ;;; mode:fortran ***
31     CEH3 ;;; End: ***

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