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Mon Mar 10 01:35:16 2014 UTC (7 years, 4 months ago) by jmc
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update the intructions on how to run (in dir "run" instead of in "build"
 or "input" or elsewhere)

1 test - experiment : ideal_2D_oce
3 purpose: Shows that the residual mean circulation is becoming small
4 at the Equilibrium (Bolus cancel the Euleurian circ.) and is function
5 of the diapycnal mixing.
7 Set up:
8 Idealized 2D global ocean with flat bathymetry and no continent,
9 symetric relative to the Eq.
10 Forcing: zonal wind stress and surface temp. relaxation toward a
11 "realistic" SST (function of Latitude).
13 To reduce diapycnal mixing, "exotic" parameters are used (and tested)
14 in this test-experiment:
15 a) vertical discretization: interface at the middle (use delRc)
16 b) GM advect form
17 c) use Visbeck
18 d) GM advect(Euler+Bolus) and Flux Limit Adv scheme.
19 e) 3 different time-steps (MOM,FS,Tracer)
20 f) oceanic exp using stagger time stepping
21 g) oceanic exp using cg2dTargetResWunit

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