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Thu Aug 7 02:31:29 2003 UTC (18 years ago) by dimitri
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: checkpoint51f_pre
Changes since 1.2: +32 -0 lines
o Added on-the-fly spatial interpolation capability
    "USE_EXF_INTERPOLATION" to pkg/exf.
  - This is a temporary Cartesian-grid hack until
    the super-duper ESMF coupler becomes available.
  - See verification/global_with_exf/README for usage example.
  - Removed obsolete EXFwindOnBgrid and SEAICEwindOnCgrid
    flags and modified pkg/seaice accordingly.
o Bug fix to pkg/ptracers, pkg/generic_advdiff/gad_calc_rhs.F,
    and pkg/kpp/kpp_transport_ptr.F for dealing with tracer
    non-local transport term.

1 heimbach@mit.edu 07-Nov-2002.
2 This verification experiment is almost identical to the
3 global_ocean.90x40x15 experiment, except that it uses
4 the exf (and cal) package instead of the
5 external_fields_load routine.
6 To obtain identical results between the two experiments,
7 the following 2 modifications are necessary:
8 1. in external_fields_load.F:
9 replace the line
10 Imytm=int(myTime*rdt+0.5)
11 by
12 Imytm=int((myTime+1296000.)*rdt+0.5)
13 2. in exf_set_climsst.F:
14 comment the 'quality' check, i.e. avoid the setting
15 to freezing temperature if less than climtempfreeze.
17 ================================
19 menemenlis@jpl.nasa.gov 05-Aug-2003
21 On-the-fly spatial interpolation has been added to pkg/exf.
22 It is enabled by defining CPP option USE_EXF_INTERPOLATION
24 Both bi-linear and bi-cubic (#define BICUBIC) are supported.
26 This package is a placeholder until more general coupler
27 is made available by ESMF project. It assumes that input
28 grid is Cartesian with arbitrary latitude increments in the
29 y-direction but with equidistant longitude increments in
30 the x-direction. The input grid must encompass the complete
31 output grid in the y-direction (i.e., extrapolation is not
32 supported) and it is assumed that the grid is periodic in
33 the x-direction.
35 The verification/global_with_exf experiment has been modified
36 to use the USE_EXF_INTERPOLATION option, the input grids
37 being defined by variables *_lon0, *_lon_inc, *_lat0, *_lat_inc
38 *_nlon and *_nlat in input/dat.exf and input/data.exf_clim
40 *_lon0, *_lat0 :: lon and lat of sw corner of global input grid
41 *_lon_inc :: scalar x-grid increment
42 *_lat_inc :: vector y-grid increments
43 *_nlon and *_nlat :: input x-grid and y-grid size
45 In this particular example the input and output grids are
46 the same, so the results of the verification experiment remained
47 unchanged from before.

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