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revision by dimitri, Sat May 3 23:11:52 2003 UTC revision by dimitri, Sun May 4 23:19:18 2003 UTC
# Line 112  make Line 112  make
112  cd ../exe  cd ../exe
114  get forcing files:  get forcing files:
115  Bathymetry.data    NCEP_1948_sw       NCEP_1948_vstr     lev_clim_temp.bin  bathy_50yr.bin     NCEP_1948_sw       NCEP_1948_vstr     lev_clim_temp.bin
116  NCEP_1948_emp      NCEP_1948_trb      run-off.bin_1x1    lev_clim_salt.bin  NCEP_1948_emp      NCEP_1948_trb      run-off.bin_1x1    lev_clim_salt.bin
117  NCEP_1948_sst      NCEP_1948_ustr     salt_14months.bin  NCEP_1948_sst      NCEP_1948_ustr     salt_14months.bin
119  cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input50yr/* .  \cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input50yr/* .
120  cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/cfc1112.atm .  \cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/cfc1112.atm .
121  cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/FICE .  \cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/FICE .
122  cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/PATM .  \cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/PATM .
123  cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/XKW .  \cp ../verification/global_with_CFC11/input/XKW .
125    mpirun -np 64 mitgcmuv
 wind stress and heat fluxes (incl radiation) are labeled by  
 NCEP as 0h,6h,12h, and 18h. However, they represent  
 averages over 0-6h,6-12h,12-18h, and 18-24h.  
 air temperature, specific humidity, wind speed and  
 precipitation are labeled identically by NCEP but represent  
 instantaneous forecast values at 6h,12h,18h, and 24h.  

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