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Thu Jan 25 15:08:05 2001 UTC (21 years, 6 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: branch-atmos-merge
CVS Tags: branch-atmos-merge-freeze
Changes since 1.1: +3 -0 lines
o No longer use -f option for links. This was dangerous in the hands
  of the incompetent
o Now use rules to create links.
o Added -rootdir= and -mymods= options.o
  This allows multiple experiments to be concurrently compiled
  from the same source code which greatly reduces testing/debuggin time.

The original mode of oepration:
  cd bin;
  make depend
is as before except the default action is to make Makefile
rather than Makefile.$platform

From the experiments location:
  cd verification/myexp/code         (or location of additional/modified code)
  ../../../tools/genmake -rootdir=../../..   (or absolute path)
  make depend

Or if you are really sick:
  cd verification/myexp/inputs       (or location where executable will be run)
  ../../../tools/genmake -rootdir=../../.. -mymods=../code  (or absolute paths)
  make depend

Still to be done:
  Implement this under autoconf/make!?

1 *.f
2 Makefile
3 mitgcmuv

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