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Fri Feb 16 00:08:20 2007 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
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2 The commands to run this short test on ITRDA are:
4 a) with g77 (GNU) compiler:
6 qsub -I -l nodes=3
7 cd MITgcm/verification/cpl_aim+ocn/
8 source /usr/local/pkg/modules/modules-3.1.6/init/bash
9 module add mpich/gnu
10 ./run_cpl_test_itrda 0
11 ./run_cpl_test_itrda 1
12 ./run_cpl_test_itrda 2
13 ./run_cpl_test_itrda 3
15 b) with ifc (intel) compiler:
16 same as (a) except:
17 module add mpich/intel
19 c) with pgf77 (pgi) compiler:
20 same as (a) except:
21 module add mpich/pgi
23 Note:
24 a) to run 1 test after the other, need to unload the previous modules:
25 module purge
26 b) might prefer a 2 nodes, 4 cpu session:
27 qsub -I (-q four-twelve) -l nodes=2:ppn=2
28 then do:
29 cd MITgcm/verification/cpl_aim+ocn/
30 cat $PBS_NODEFILE > mf
31 head -3 mf > loc_nodes
32 export PBS_NODEFILE=`pwd`/loc_nodes
33 source /usr/local/pkg/modules/modules-3.1.6/init/bash
34 and then as usual:
35 module add ...

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