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Mon Nov 29 22:38:16 2004 UTC (17 years, 10 months ago) by mlosch
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: checkpoint57t_post, checkpoint57o_post, checkpoint58e_post, checkpoint57v_post, checkpoint57m_post, checkpoint57s_post, checkpoint57k_post, checkpoint57d_post, checkpoint57g_post, checkpoint57b_post, checkpoint57c_pre, checkpoint56b_post, checkpoint57i_post, checkpoint57y_post, checkpoint57e_post, checkpoint57g_pre, checkpoint56c_post, checkpoint57y_pre, checkpoint57f_pre, checkpoint57a_post, checkpoint57r_post, checkpoint58, checkpoint57a_pre, checkpoint57, eckpoint57e_pre, checkpoint57h_done, checkpoint57x_post, checkpoint58d_post, checkpoint58c_post, checkpoint57w_post, checkpoint57p_post, checkpint57u_post, checkpoint57f_post, checkpoint58a_post, checkpoint57q_post, checkpoint57z_post, checkpoint57c_post, checkpoint57j_post, checkpoint58b_post, checkpoint57h_pre, checkpoint57l_post, checkpoint57h_post
add another verification experiment that tests both the cfc-pkg and
the gchem-pkg with GCHEM_SEPARATE_FORCING undefined, that is with
reactive tendencies treated inline with regular timestepping

1 mlosch 1.1 *akefile
2     *.log
3     *.f
4     *.o
5     *.data
6     *.meta
7     *.nc
8     STD*
9     output.txt
10     mfile*
11     mitgcmuv*
12     work.pc*
14     BUILD_INFO.h
15     AD_CONFIG.h
17     genmake_state
18     genmake_ad_optfile
19     genmake_optfile
20     genmake_warnings
21     tr_run.*

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