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Mon Mar 10 01:35:16 2014 UTC (8 years, 6 months ago) by jmc
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Changes since 1.4: +27 -22 lines
update the intructions on how to run (in dir "run" instead of in "build"
 or "input" or elsewhere)

1 Five level intermediate atmospheric physics example.
2 Experimental configuration is an equatorial channel
3 of 65 degrees wide cented on the Equator. A warm SST anomaly
4 with a gaussian shape is defined at the center of the domain
5 with an extension of ~30 degrees meridionally and ~60 degrees
6 zonally.
8 The local copy of S/R aim_surf_bc.F (in code directory) provide
9 a) the SST field (hard coded).
10 b) the time in the year is fixed and corresponds to the spring equinox;
11 this ensures a symetric forcing between N & S hemispheres.
12 The model uses the standard 5-level vertical resolution of the Speedy_v23
13 code; the horizontal resolution is 2.8125 with 128x23 grid points.
15 ====================================================================
17 Configure and compile the code:
18 cd build
19 ../../../tools/genmake2 -mods ../code [-of my_platform_optionFile]
20 make depend
21 make
22 cd ..
24 To run:
25 cd run
26 ln -s ../input/* .
27 ln -s ../build/mitgcmuv .
28 ./mitgcmuv > output.txt
29 cd ..
31 There is comparison output in the directory:
32 results/output.txt
34 ---------------------------
35 Notes:
36 * To produce a short test that is relevant for the Atmosphere physics part,
37 a restart file (pickup.0000051840) is included. The model reaches
38 a statistical equilibrium after 1 year.
39 * the file aim_SST.* contains the SST field.
40 * Since aim pkg uses arrays with MAX_NO_THREADS as dimension, the maximum
41 number of treads is set to 1 (in code/EEPARAMS.h) instead of 32, so that the
42 size of the executable is reduced. This obviously needs to be changed
43 before compiling on a multi-threaded platform.
44 ---------------------------
45 Northern boundary :
46 o initially, the domain (SIZE.h) 128x24x5 with a land line as the Northern
47 boundary, reduciong the effective domain to 128x23x5.
48 o To have a more efficient code (and a good starting point for MIT Atmos.
49 Physics), the new domain (SIZE.h) is now 128x23x5 .
50 Northern and Southern boundaries are "closed" like the in Lat-Lon set-up.

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