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Mon Mar 10 01:35:16 2014 UTC (7 years, 6 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.3: +7 -14 lines
update the intructions on how to run (in dir "run" instead of in "build"
 or "input" or elsewhere)

1 Simple 1 layer, Barotropic adjustment on the Sphere, using the
2 cubed-sphere grid 32x32x32
3 Contains also a "minimal" test case (just compile eesupp/src + pkgs)
4 that does not do much.
5 =================================================================
7 General Description:
8 * using the same executable, 2 set-up can be tested, corresponding
9 to input dir. "input" and "input.nlfs".
10 * Default set-up (input & parameter files in dir "input"):
11 Oceanic set-up initially at rest, with flat bottom and a large
12 quasi-rectangular continent. An initial free-surface large-scale
13 anomaly centered at the equator triggers a barotropic adjustment
14 and generates External Inertial-Gravity waves (Poincare waves).
15 Use linear Free-Surface and linear dynamics (no momentum advection)
16 * Additional set-up (input & parameter files in dir "input.nlfs"):
17 Atmospheric set-up, without orography, initially at rest.
18 An initial large-scale surface pressure anomaly generated pure
19 external gravity waves.
20 Use non-linear Free-Surface, linear dynamics (no momentum advection)
21 without rotation.
23 IMPORTANT: For the purpose of testing multiple tiles and "blank-tiles":
24 * Use multiple tiles (8) per cube-face (tile size: 16x8),
25 which results in a total of 48 tiles:
26 code/SIZE.h
27 * The oceanic-set-up contains 4 empty tiles (tiles: 11,12,13,14)
28 associated with the large continent.
29 This gives the opportunity to test the "blank-tiles" option of
30 the EXCH2 pkg. An MPI version of this set-up is available to
31 test this "blank-tiles" option:
32 code/SIZE.h_mpi : to replace code/SIZE.h
33 input/data.exch2.mpi : to be rename to data.exch2
34 code/CPP_EEOPTIONS.h_mpi : to replace eesupp/inc/CPP_EEOPTIONS.h
35 However, this particular (MPI) executable cannot be used for the
36 atmospheric set-up (input.nlfs) and, in this case, an error
37 from S/R EXCH2_CHECK_DEPTHS will stop the execution.
39 Forcing: none
40 Input Files (initial conditions):
41 generated using matlab script input/gendata.m
42 grid-files are linked using the script "input/prepare_run"
46 =================================================================
47 "minimal" test case:
48 provide an example of a minimal set-up which only compiles eesupp/src
49 and the 2 pkgs (exch2 & debug) which don't need model/src & inc.
51 code_min:
52 CPP_OPTIONS.h (standard version, needed here since model/inc is not linked)
53 packages.conf (2 pkgs: exch2 & debug)
54 main.F (copied from eesupp/src, but skip the call to THE_MODEL_MAIN)
55 SIZE.h (same as code/SIZE.h)
56 SIZE.h_mpi (same as code/SIZE.h_mpi)
58 input_min
59 eedataa (standard version)
60 eedata.mth (to test running 2 threads)
61 data.exch2.mpi (to test blank-tiles with exch2 and MPI built)
63 to build:
64 in order not to compile model/src, need to:
65 either put (in build dir) a "genmake_local" file:
66 % cat > genmake_local <<EOF
67 STANDARDDIRS="eesupp"
68 EOF
69 - or -
70 use genmake2 command line: "genmake2 -standarddirs eesupp -mods ../code_min"
72 =================================================================

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