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Tue Aug 11 08:39:35 2009 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by mlosch
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.6: +66 -13 lines
first update after 8years (maybe this file is not supposed to be
- included list of experiments and short descriptions where I felt
compentent to do so

1 The experiments:
3 MLAdjust
4 OpenAD
5 adjustment.128x64x1
6 adjustment.cs-32x32x1
7 advect_cs
8 advect_xy
9 advect_xz
10 aim.5l_Equatorial_Channel
11 aim.5l_LatLon
12 aim.5l_cs
13 bottom_ctrl_5x5 - simple test of bottom topography as a control variable
14 cfc_example
15 cpl_aim+ocn
16 cpl_atm2d+ocn
17 deep_anelastic
18 dome - Denmark Overflow Mixing and Entrainment experiment with open boundaries
19 exp2 - 4x4 degree global simulation with steady climatological forcing.
20 exp4 - flow over a Gaussian bump in open-water or channel with open
21 boundaries.
22 fizhi-cs-32x32x40
23 fizhi-cs-aqualev20
24 fizhi-gridalt-hs
25 flt_example
26 front_relax - relaxation of a thermal front (test for GM scheme). 2D (Y-Z).
27 global1x1_tot
28 global2x2_tot
29 global_ocean.90x40x15 - global 4x4 degree ocean model with annual cycle
30 of monthly climatological forcing
31 global_ocean.cs32x15 - global ocean model on a cubed sphere grid with
32 various flavors of sea ice
33 global_ocean_ebm - global 4x4 degree ocean model coupled to a zonally
34 averaged energy balance model of the atmosphere
35 global_with_exf - global 4x4 degree ocean model with annual cycle
36 of monthly climatological forcing read with exf-package
37 hs94.1x64x5 - Zonal averaged atmosphere using Held and Suarez '94 forcing.
38 hs94.128x64x5 - 3-D atmosphere dynamics using Held and Suarez '94 forcing.
39 hs94.cs-32x32x5 - ... on a cubed sphere grid
40 ideal_2D_oce
41 internal_wave - internal wave forced by open boundary conditions.
42 inverted_barometer - simple test of atmospheric pressure loading with
43 radially symmetric Bessel-function geometry in a
44 quadratc domain
45 isomip - Ice Shelf Ocean Model Intercomparison Project experiment 0,
46 test for pkg/shelfice
47 lab_sea - 2x2 degree regional Labrador Sea model mainly for testing pkg/seaice
48 matrix_example
49 natl_box - eastern subtropical North Atlantic with KPP; 1 month integration
50 natl_box_adjoint
51 offline_exf_seaice
52 rotating_tank
53 seaice_obcs - similar to lab_sea with open boundaries.
54 solid-body.cs-32x32x1
55 tidal_basin_2d
56 tutorial_advection_in_gyre
57 tutorial_baroclinic_gyre - 4 layer, double gyre (formerly exp1).
58 tutorial_barotropic_gyre - single layer, double gyre (barotropic with
59 free-surface, formerly exp0 ).
60 tutorial_cfc_offline
61 tutorial_deep_convection - inhomogenously forced convection in a
62 doubly periodic box (formerly exp5).
63 tutorial_global_oce_biogeo - global 4x4 degree ocean model
64 with bio-geochemical tracer package (pkg/dic)
65 tutorial_global_oce_in_p - global 4x4 degree ocean model
66 in pressure coordinates
67 tutorial_global_oce_latlon - global 4x4 degree ocean model with annual cycle
68 of monthly climatological forcing
69 tutorial_global_oce_optim
70 tutorial_held_suarez_cs
71 tutorial_offline
72 tutorial_plume_on_slope
73 tutorial_tracer_adjsens
74 vermix - test various mixing schemes (pkgs KPP, PP81, MY82, GGL90, OPPS)
76 c---+----1----+----2----+----3----+----4----+----5----+----6----+----7-|--+----|

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