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Mon Apr 8 20:10:39 2002 UTC (21 years, 2 months ago) by heimbach
Branch: release1
CVS Tags: release1_p13_pre, release1_p13, release1_p8, release1_p9, release1_p1, release1_p2, release1_p3, release1_p4, release1_p5, release1_p6, release1_p7, release1_chkpt44d_post, release1_p12, release1_p10, release1_p11, release1_p16, release1_p17, release1_p14, release1_p15, release1_p12_pre
Branch point for: release1_50yr
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
Changes encapsulated by checkpoint43a-release1mods and chkpt44d_post
on the main trunk.
These are:

 o added missing EXCLUDE_MONITOR flags
 o changed "e" to "_d" in gmredi_slope_limit, gmredi_slope_psi
   (incompatible typ in MIN/MAX expressions caused problems
   on IBM SP3)
 o in genmake added variable MAKEDEPEND
   plus resetting for case SunOS
 o added timer_stats.c routine for IBM SP3
 o removed variables in dynamics
 o real fresh water flux implemented with non-linear free-surface.
 o few fix (mask in shap_s2, EmPmR in external_field_load,
   USE_NATURAL_BCS in solve_for_P);
 o add arguments myIter & myTime to S/R obcs_calc & solve_for_P
 o merge of relevant stuff from the ecco-branch:
   - genmake: removed $S64 overwrite for case SunOS
   - pkg/exf: update and corrections for field swapping and obcs
   - pkg/ecco: parameter lists for the_model_main, the_main_loop
               harmonized between ECCO and MITgcm
   - pkg/autodiff: added flow directives for obcs, mdsio_gl_slice
                   updated checkpointing_lev... lists for obcs
   - model/src: minor changes in forward_step, plot_field
                added directive for divided adjoint in the_main_loop
   - pkg/mdsio: added mdsio_gl_slice
 o check parameters & config (chkpt44a_pre,post)
 o OBC and NonLin_FrSurf.
 o fix bug in mom_vi_del2uv
 o select when filters are applied ; add options to zonal_filter (data.zonfilt)
 o gmredi: fix Pb in the adiabatic form ; add options (.e.g. Bolus advection)
 o update AIM experiments (NCEP input files)
 o improve and extend diagnostics (Monitor, TimeAve with NonLin-FrSurf)
 o added some stuff for AD

These were merged with
cvs co -r release1 -P MITgcm
cd MITgcm
cvs update -kk
cvs update -j checkpoint43a-release1mods -j chkpt44d_post -d -P -kk

1 function [poly3] = ini_poly3()
3 %
4 % Reads the file 'POLY3.COEFFS' and returns coefficients in P
6 fid=fopen('POLY3.COEFFS','r');
8 n=fscanf(fid,'%i',1);
10 for k=1:n,
11 a=fscanf(fid,'%g',3);
12 T(k)=a(1);
13 S(k)=a(2);
14 D(k)=a(3);
15 poly3(k).t=a(1);
16 poly3(k).s=a(2);
17 poly3(k).dens=a(3);
18 end
19 for k=1:n,
20 a=fscanf(fid,'%g',9);
21 P(k,:)=a';
22 poly3(k).coeffs=a';
23 end
24 P(:,10)=T';
25 P(:,11)=S';
26 P(:,12)=D';

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