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revision 1.1 by jmc, Tue May 3 02:02:22 2005 UTC revision 1.2 by jmc, Tue Jun 28 02:34:54 2005 UTC
# Line 15  cubeZ2latlon.m  :: interpolate a CS-fiel Line 15  cubeZ2latlon.m  :: interpolate a CS-fiel
15          located at the corner point of the C-grid cell.          located at the corner point of the C-grid cell.
16          (deal with the 2 "missing corners")          (deal with the 2 "missing corners")
18    the following scripts are reading a file that contains the orientation
19            of the local direction of the CS-grid relative to E-W,N-S direction.  
20      file= proj_cs[]_2uEvN.bin :: cos & sin of rotation angle,
21                          format:: real*8, big-endian, size=32x6x32 x2(cos+sin)
22            for standard cs32 grid, the corresponding file is:
23               verification/global_ocean.cs32x15/input/proj_cs32_2uEvN.bin
25    rotate_csAg_EN.m :: Rotate cell centered (A-grid) U,V vector components
26            of CS-grid to East,North directions. works for 2D or 3D vector.
28    rotate_csCg_EN.m :: Rotate MITgcm C-grid U,V vector components of CS-grid
29            to East,North directions. done in 2 steps: 1rst compute the average
30            at the cell-center and then rotate the vector.
32    uvLatLon2cube.m :: interpolate a 2 components vector field U,V (on A-grid)
33            to the MITgcm CS-grid (C-grid).
35    More in dir bk_line:
36     Scripts that generate "broken-lines" (used to compute Meridional Transport
37      stream-function and vertically integrated horizontal stream-function)
38     + a README file + an example for each one.

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