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Tue Feb 26 16:12:09 2002 UTC (21 years, 1 month ago) by adcroft
Branch: release1
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Branch point for: release1_50yr
Changes since 1.1: +47 -0 lines
Added tutorials, following sequenct of changes made by CNH on the
branch "release1-branch". The follow directories with tutorial
code/data were created:


No other changes were made (i.e. all other directories and code are

1 Setup:
2 -----
4 The experiment is in verification/carbon/.
5 The code/ directory has the extra and modified code to
6 carry a passive tracer (variables: tr1, gTr1, gTr1Nm1).
7 Additional mod's are in pkg/ctrl/
9 The tracer fields is initialised at the surface (ini_tr1.F)
10 and then carried around by the flow field.
11 The cost funciton is cost_tracer.F
12 It basically accumulates all tracers reaching the surface,
14 The controls so far are
15 initial temp./salinity and surface fluxes,
16 also initial tracer (tr1) distribution
17 (see adjoint/makefile).
19 I added the common block /adtr1/ to addummy_in_stepping
20 to be able to monitor adtr1 in addition to adtheta, adsalt, ...
22 The model picks up from a 400 year spinup.
23 In a test phase it performs a 1 year forward/adjoint run
24 (timestep is 1 day).
25 dumpFreq is set to 30 days, yielding adjoint fields of
26 theta, salt, uvel, vvel, tr1
27 gtnm1,gsnm1, gunm1, gvnm1, gtr1nm1
29 If you plot the adjoint fields, e.g. at initial timestep index 144000
30 you will see that:
31 ADJtheta.0000144000.001.001.data
32 ADJsalt
33 ADJuvel
34 ADJvvel
35 have a checkerboard structure, whereas
36 ADJtr1.0000144000.001.001.data
37 seems to look ok.
39 I had the checkerboard structure also for a simpler
40 adjoint test case (see verification/vero/).
41 This is basically a box setup,
42 cost function is final temp. at one grid point.
43 The checkerboard structure seems to disappear, if you
44 set in "data"
45 tAlpha = 0.
46 and take a linear eqn. of state
47 eosType='LINEAR'

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