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revision 1.13 by jmc, Thu Aug 8 17:49:55 2013 UTC revision 1.14 by jmc, Fri Aug 9 01:05:14 2013 UTC
# Line 24  AD_TAF_FLAGS="-pure -reverse -i4 -r4 -in Line 24  AD_TAF_FLAGS="-pure -reverse -i4 -r4 -in
24  FTL_TAF_FLAGS="-forward -i4 -r4 -intrinsic system,flush -l taf_ftl.log $FTL_TAF_FLAGS"  FTL_TAF_FLAGS="-forward -i4 -r4 -intrinsic system,flush -l taf_ftl.log $FTL_TAF_FLAGS"
25  SVD_TAF_FLAGS="-reverse -forward -pure -i4 -r4 -intrinsic system,flush -l taf_svd.log $SVD_TAF_FLAGS"  SVD_TAF_FLAGS="-reverse -forward -pure -i4 -r4 -intrinsic system,flush -l taf_svd.log $SVD_TAF_FLAGS"
27    #- using DIVA, we need to show some MPI code to TAF:
28  if test "x$MPI" != x ; then  if test "x$MPI" != x ; then
29    AD_TAF_FLAGS="$AD_TAF_FLAGS"' -include $(LOCAL_MPI_HEADERS) -I./mpi_headers/'    AD_TAF_FLAGS="$AD_TAF_FLAGS"' -include $(LOCAL_MPI_HEADERS) -I./mpi_headers/'
30    FLT_TAF_FLAGS="$FLT_TAF_FLAGS"' -include $(LOCAL_MPI_HEADERS) -I./mpi_headers/'    FLT_TAF_FLAGS="$FLT_TAF_FLAGS"' -include $(LOCAL_MPI_HEADERS) -I./mpi_headers/'

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