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Wed Feb 29 22:44:52 2012 UTC (12 years, 4 months ago) by dimitri
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Replacing ICFSymbol.xls with ICFSymbol.txt

1 MITgcm variable Symbol Value Unit
3 ICEFRONTlatentHeat L 334000 [J/kg]
4 ICEFRONTHeatCapacity_Cp CpI 2000 [J/kg/oC ]
5 rhoIcefront rhoI 917 [kg/m3]
6 ICEFRONTheatTransCoeff gammaT 1.0 d-4 [m/s]
7 ICEFRONTheatTransCoeff gammaS 5.05_d-7 [m/s]
8 rUnit2mass rho 1030 [kg/m3]
9 HeatCapacity_Cp Cp 3994 [J/kg/oC]
11 thetaFreeze TB oC
12 tLoc T oC
13 thetaIce Tice oC
14 sLoc S psu
15 saltFreeze SB psu
16 FreshWaterFlux q [kg/m2/s]
17 HeatFlux Q [W/m2]
18 icefront_TendT gT [oC/s]
19 icefront_TendT gT [psu/s]

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