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revision 1.8 by mlosch, Tue May 10 07:53:24 2011 UTC revision 1.9 by mlosch, Mon Jul 25 08:57:39 2011 UTC
# Line 234  cgg) Line 234  cgg)
234                          if (cbuffindex .gt. 0) then                          if (cbuffindex .gt. 0) then
235                             do icvcomp = 1,cbuffindex                             do icvcomp = 1,cbuffindex
236                                cbuff(icvcomp) = vv(icvoffset + icvcomp)                                cbuff(icvcomp) = vv(icvoffset + icvcomp)
237  cgg( Right now, the changes to the open boundary velocities are not balanced.  c     If you want to optimize with respect to just O.B. T and S
238  cgg( The model will crash due to physical reasons.  c     uncomment the next two lines.
239  cgg( However, we can optimize with respect to just O.B. T and S if the  c                              if (iobcs .eq. 3) cbuff(icvcomp)=0.
240  cgg( next two lines are uncommented.  c                              if (iobcs .eq. 4) cbuff(icvcomp)=0.
 cgg                              if (iobcs .eq. 3) cbuff(icvcomp)=0.  
 cgg                              if (iobcs .eq. 4) cbuff(icvcomp)=0.  
241                             enddo                             enddo
242                             write( funit ) cbuffindex                             write( funit ) cbuffindex
243                             write( funit ) k                             write( funit ) k

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