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Tue Feb 5 20:34:34 2002 UTC (19 years, 8 months ago) by heimbach
Branch: ecco-branch
CVS Tags: ecco_c50_e30, ecco_c50_e31, icebear5, icebear4, icebear3, icebear2, ecco_c50_e28, ecco_c50_e29, ecco_c44_e19, ecco_c44_e18, ecco_c44_e17, ecco_c44_e16, ecco_ice2, ecco_ice1, ecco_c44_e25, ecco_c44_e22, ecco_c44_e23, ecco_c44_e20, ecco_c44_e21, ecco_c44_e26, ecco_c44_e27, ecco_c44_e24, ecco-branch-mod1, ecco-branch-mod2, ecco-branch-mod3, ecco-branch-mod4, ecco-branch-mod5
Branch point for: c24_e25_ice, icebear
Changes since 1.1: +7 -0 lines
o Updating adjoint/makefile to ECCO code
o Adding optim and lsopt for line search optimization.
o Adding verif. experiments for ECCO
Code will be tagged ecco-branch-mod1.

2 # ***************
3 # ECCO parameters
4 # ***************
6 expId = 'MIT_CE_000',
7 &

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