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Tue Mar 14 17:42:23 2000 UTC (24 years, 4 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: branch-atmos-merge-shapiro, checkpoint28, checkpoint29, checkpoint25, checkpoint27, branch-atmos-merge-freeze, branch-atmos-merge-start, checkpoint26, checkpoint33, checkpoint32, checkpoint31, checkpoint30, checkpoint34, branch-atmos-merge-zonalfilt, branch-atmos-merge-phase5, branch-atmos-merge-phase4, branch-atmos-merge-phase7, branch-atmos-merge-phase6, branch-atmos-merge-phase1, branch-atmos-merge-phase3, branch-atmos-merge-phase2
Branch point for: branch-atmos-merge
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Added "JAM" routines for use with Artic network (Hyades cluster).

1 adcroft 1.1 C Parameters used with JAM.
4     & jam_pid, jam_np, jam_exchKey,
5     & jam_northId, jam_southId
6     INTEGER jam_pid
7     INTEGER jam_np
8     INTEGER jam_exchKey
9     INTEGER jam_northId
10     INTEGER jam_southId

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