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Annotation of /MITgcm/eesupp/inc/GLOBAL_MAX.h

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Revision 1.4 - (hide annotations) (download)
Sat Mar 27 03:51:50 2004 UTC (19 years, 2 months ago) by edhill
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.3: +2 -2 lines
File MIME type: text/plain
 o cleanup comments (NO CODE CHANGES) in eesupp for protex
 o the "api reference" framework now builds documentation for:
     eesupp, pkg/generic_advdiff, and pkg/gmredi
 o remove mnc from the default gfd in pkg_groups pending
     further testing on systems where NetCDF is not installed

1 edhill 1.4 C $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/eesupp/inc/GLOBAL_MAX.h,v 1.3 2001/09/21 03:54:35 cnh Exp $
2 cnh 1.3 C $Name: $
3     CBOP
6     C include "GLOBAL_MAX.h"
8     C *==========================================================*
9 edhill 1.4 C | GLOBAL\_MAX.h
10 cnh 1.3 C | o Globals used by Fortran global max routine.
11     C *==========================================================*
12     C | The global max shared memory scheme uses global heap data
13     C | structures (.i.e COMMON blocks ). Each thread writes to
14     C | an its own element of the shared memory array and then
15     C | one thread reads all the entries and maxs them. The max
16     C | result is then read by all threads.
17     C | Remember - you are working with regions of memory that
18     C | are being updated concurrently by different threads.
19     C | What happens, when it happens and who gets to see what
20     C | happens at what stage depends on the computer systems
21     C | memory model. Every computer has a different memory model
22     C | and they are never simple. In all current platforms it is
23     C | possible for one thread to see events happening in a
24     C | different order from the order they are written in the
25     C | code.
26     C | Unless you understand this it is not a good idea to
27     C | make modifications te way these header files are setup or
28     C | the way the global sum routines work.
29     C *==========================================================*
30     CEOP
31 adcroft 1.2 COMMON / GMAX_COMMON_R8 / phiGMRL
32     Real*8 phiGMRL(lShare8, MAX_NO_THREADS )
35     Real*4 phiGMRS(lShare4, MAX_NO_THREADS )
38     INTEGER phiGMI (lShare4, MAX_NO_THREADS )

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