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Contents of /MITgcm/eesupp/inc/EEBUFF_SCPU.h

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Sat May 16 13:33:33 2009 UTC (15 years, 2 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
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move MDSIO_SCPU.h (pkg/mdsio) to EEBUFF_SCPU.h (eesupp/inc).

1 C $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/eesupp/inc/EEIO.h,v 1.5 2001/09/21 03:54:35 cnh Exp $
2 C $Name: $
7 C include "EEBUFF_SCPU.h"
8 C
10 C *==========================================================*
12 C | o Buffers used by S/R gather_2d and scatter_2d,
13 C | in mapping 2-D local array from all processes to/from
14 C | 2-D Global (X,Y) array from Master-Proc (SingleCPU)
15 C | o Contain both 2-D Global (X,Y) buffers and
16 C | Shared Local Buffer (for multi-threaded).
17 C *==========================================================*
18 C | presently used with:
19 C | - SingleCpu IO
20 C | - global-sum SingleCpu
21 C *==========================================================*
24 INTEGER xyBuffer_size
25 #ifdef ALLOW_EXCH2
26 PARAMETER ( xyBuffer_size = W2_ioBufferSize )
27 #else /* ALLOW_EXCH2 */
28 PARAMETER ( xyBuffer_size = Nx*Ny )
29 #endif /* ALLOW_EXCH2 */
31 C-- COMMON /EE_BUFFERS_GLOBAL/ 2-D Global Buffers
32 C Those buffers are in common block to save some memory
33 C xy_buffer_r8 :: 2-D global Real*8 buffer.
34 C xy_buffer_r4 :: 2-D global Real*4 buffer.
35 COMMON /EE_BUFFERS_GLOBAL/ xy_buffer_r8, xy_buffer_r4
36 Real*8 xy_buffer_r8(xyBuffer_size)
37 Real*4 xy_buffer_r4(xyBuffer_size)
39 C-- COMMON /EE_BUFFERS_LOCAL/ 2-D Shared Local Buffers
40 C Those buffers have be in common block to be shared by all threads
41 C sharedLocBuf_rx :: Heap storage buffer to which master thread copies
42 C data (during read) as part of a scatter/gather and
43 C from which all threads read data (during read).
44 COMMON /EE_BUFFERS_LOCAL/ sharedLocBuf_r8, sharedLocBuf_r4
45 Real*8 sharedLocBuf_r8(1:sNx,1:sNy,nSx,nSy)
46 Real*4 sharedLocBuf_r4(1:sNx,1:sNy,nSx,nSy)
48 C---+----1----+----2----+----3----+----4----+----5----+----6----+----7-|--+----|

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