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Fri Sep 21 03:54:35 2001 UTC (22 years, 10 months ago) by cnh
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +38 -32 lines
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Starting to bring comments up to date and format comments
for document extraction of "prototypes".

1 C $Header: /u/gcmpack/models/MITgcmUV/eesupp/inc/BAR2.h,v 1.2 2001/02/04 14:38:41 cnh Exp $
2 C $Name: $
3 C
7 C include "BAR2.h"
9 C *==========================================================*
10 C | BAR2.h
11 C | o Globals used by BAR2 Fortran barrier routine.
12 C |==========================================================*
13 C | These variables support a simple Fortran shared memory
14 C | barrier routine. They do busy waiting, that is the
15 C | thread that is waiting sits in a tight loop reading
16 C | some memory location and waiting for all other threads.
17 C | On some systems this is sometimes a good method to use.
18 C | On the T3E memory is not shared so the routine should
19 C | use the T3E "eureka" barriers. On CRAY and NEC there are
20 C | hardware barriers that are accessed through a compiler
21 C | directives. Finally proper multi-threading compilers
22 C | support barrier compile directives - sometimes these
23 C | are good, sometimes they are lousy.
24 C | The barrier mechanism is used as follows
25 C | 1. In the single-threaded part of the code
27 C | on CRAY, NEC this routine does nothing
28 C | on T3E there is no single-threaded code
29 C | but there may be barrier initialisation -
30 C | need to check.
31 C | 2. When we need to synchronize everybody just
32 C | CALL BAR2( myThid )
33 C | where myThid is myThreadId
34 C | on CRAY, NEC FBAR will just do C$DIR BARRIER
35 C | or CALL BARRIER or the like.
36 C | on T3E FBAR does CALL BARRIER(...) or something
37 C | need to check this.
38 C *==========================================================*
41 & BAR2_level,
42 & BAR2_barrierCount,
43 & BAR2_spinsCount, BAR2_spinsMax, BAR2_spinsMin
44 INTEGER BAR2_level(cacheLineSize/4,MAX_NO_THREADS)
45 INTEGER BAR2_barrierCount(cacheLineSize/4,MAX_NO_THREADS)
46 INTEGER BAR2_spinsCount(cacheLineSize/4,MAX_NO_THREADS)
47 INTEGER BAR2_spinsMax(cacheLineSize/4,MAX_NO_THREADS)
48 INTEGER BAR2_spinsMin(cacheLineSize/4,MAX_NO_THREADS)
50 COMMON /BAR2_L/ bar2CollectStatistics
51 LOGICAL bar2CollectStatistics

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