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Revision 1.32 - (show annotations) (download)
Thu Nov 30 16:51:40 2000 UTC (21 years, 5 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: branch-atmos-merge-shapiro, branch-atmos-merge-freeze, branch-atmos-merge-start, checkpoint33, branch-atmos-merge-zonalfilt, branch-atmos-merge-phase5, branch-atmos-merge-phase4, branch-atmos-merge-phase7, branch-atmos-merge-phase6, branch-atmos-merge-phase1, branch-atmos-merge-phase3, branch-atmos-merge-phase2
Branch point for: branch-atmos-merge
Changes since 1.31: +19 -1 lines
New tag (checkpoint32)

1 $Header: /u/gcmpack/models/MITgcmUV/doc/tag-index,v 1.31 2000/11/13 16:49:41 heimbach Exp $
3 Notes on tags used in MITgcmUV
4 ==============================
6 checkpoint33
7 o Fixed bug in lower BC in impldiff.F
8 o Fixed confusion about units of forcing arrays in FFIELDS.h
9 namely Fu,Fv,Qnet,Qsw,EmPmR:
10 - Removed verification/natl_box/code/external_fields_scale.F
11 (did not differ from that in model/src)
12 - Changed units of fu,fv,Qnet,Qsw,EmPmR back to proper units
13 (see FFIELDS.h for description)
14 - Scale fu,fv,Qnet,Qsw,EmPmR when used in external_forcing_surf.F,
15 kpp_calc.F and kpp_transport_t.F
16 - Removed model/src/external_fields_scale.F and calls to it
17 - verification/natl_box uses flux data with "atmospheric" sign so
18 a special version of external_fields_load.F is used to
19 change the data as it's read in. This way, the arrays
20 have the right units and signs at all times tha a user could
21 possibly use them.
22 o Corrected genmake to delete a temporary file during configuration
24 checkpoint32
25 o Scaling of forcing fields moved from external_forcing.F to
26 external_fields_scale.F, called directly after loading fields.
27 o Surface relaxation terms added to surface tendency fields in
28 extra subroutine.
29 o impldiff.F changed to avoid storing by TAMC of huge intermediate
30 fields.
31 o Changes in GMRedi to comply with packaging structure.
32 o Modifications and bug fixes in KPP package.
33 o Verification experiment for KPP added (verification/nat_box/)
35 checkpoint31
36 o Packages interface brought in line with defined standard
37 -> new routines packages_...F
38 -> changes in initialise_fixed.F, initialise_varia.F
39 -> enables initialisation interface for ECCO package
40 o Rescaling of external forcing fields immediately after read
41 (removed from external_forcing.F)
42 -> new: surface_fields_scale.F
43 -> affects ini_foorcing.F, external_fields_load.F
44 o Computation of surface tendencies before tendency updates.
45 -> new: external_forcing_surf.F
46 o Change of variable names useGMRedi, useKPP, useECCO
47 o Further changes in dynamics.F, impldiff.F for TAMC
48 o Tested for experiments 0, 2, 4.
49 - not yet tested for GMRedi.
50 - not yet tested for KPP.
52 checkpoint30
53 o Updates for OBCs
54 o New experiment for test OBCs (internal_wave)
55 o New output.txt in verification/exp4/results/
56 o Updates for KPP: calculation of viscosity corrected, new variables
57 kpp_dumpFreq and kpp_taveFreq
58 o CPP'd calls to system routines for TARGET_CRAY_VECTOR (P.H.)
59 and entry for T90 in genmake
61 checkpoint29
62 o packaged KPP and GM/Redi
64 checkpoint28
65 o Corrected initialization of hFacMin for difference vertical coordinates
66 o Modified calculation of partial cell thickness to more robust algorithm
67 o config_summary.F: replaced write_1D_... by write_0D_...
68 read_write.F: added subroutines write_0D_...
69 o routines calc_common_factors, calc_gs, calc_gt, calc_phi_hyd, find_rho:
70 included some initialisations required for TAMC.
71 o routine calc_isoslopes: modified sqrt computation to make it
72 differentiable for zero argument.
73 o routines dynamics, impldiff:
74 included store directives and tape key computations required for TAMC.
75 o ALL TAMC related changes are between ifdef ALLOW_AUTODIFF_TAMC
77 checkpoint27
78 o fixed calc_isoslopes() to so that cancellation of terms in tensor
79 formulation works properly with variable resolution.
80 o restructured the calling tree between the_model_main() and dynamics()
81 o split initialise() into initialise_fixed() and initialise_varia()
82 o introduced initialization file pSurfInitFile for free surface (cg2d_x)
83 in new routine ini_psurf()
85 checkpoint26
86 o moved some #ifdef in optional routines to encompass everything
87 except the argument declarations. This was using up some memory.
88 o fixed macros like _ADT to work with both versions of Linux cpp
89 o cleaned up some unused and uninitialized variables
90 (helps when debugging with strict compile options)
91 o split up CPP_EEOPTIONS.h into options and macros
92 (macros are now in eesupp/inc/CPP_EEMACROS.h)
93 o patch for 2 processor JAM mode
95 checkpoint25
96 o updates for OBCs and NH
97 o dramatically reduced memory usage
98 o added "JAM" routines for use on Artic network
99 o parameterization of convection by implicit vertical diffusion
100 o added a diagnostic of convective index
101 o moved call to calc_divg_hat() from dynamics() to solve_for_pressure()
102 (this is was partly for OBCs and NH but also in anticipation of
103 an explicit free-surface option)
104 o initial state input files for U and V
106 checkpoint24
107 o Removed some spurious "REAL"s
108 o Updated KPP to latest version from JPL
109 o Added a COS(latitude) in horizontal viscosity
111 checkpoint23
112 o Added del^4 diffusion for salt and temperature
113 o Multiple minor fixes (implicit none's, arguments to global_sum, etc.)
115 checkpoint22
116 o Made many small changes: implicit none, format(i5), etc...
117 o Introduced KPP mixing scheme (compiles and runs but *not* tested)
119 checkpoint21
120 o Introduced new I/O package that supports direct-access records (mdsio.F)
121 o Split-up mid-level I/O routines
122 o Updated input data for experiments 0,1,2,4 and 5
123 o Finally removed the genmake.* scripts (everyone seems happy with genmake)
125 checkpoint20
126 o Tidied up open-boundaries some more
127 o Added non-hydrostatic code
128 o Fixed some input data
129 o Modified MPI start-up to work in "coupled" context.
131 checkpoint19
132 o Tidied up directory structure for verification experiments.
133 o Added new code for open boundaries.
134 o Corrected advective terms near boundaries.
135 o Added CPP flag for "old UV" geometry and corrected spherical geometry.
136 o Implemented free-slip/no-slip BCs and del^4 dissipation.
137 o Split default parameters out of ini_parms.F into set_defaults.F.
139 checkpoint18
140 o Further changes for optional code generation with
141 CPP - ugh!
143 checkpoint17
144 o Beginning to incorporating modularity
145 for supporting atmos. and ocean configs.
146 o Small changes for TAMC complinace
147 o New ultra simple test case. Barotropic box
148 configuration "exp0".
150 checkpoint16
151 o Minor changes to exchange routines to support
152 accumulation in reverse mode. Adjoint of an
153 assignment is an addition.
154 o Changes to support compilation by TAMC (LR(1)
155 syntax) and by g77 under Linux ( 72 character
156 limit ).
158 checkpoint15
159 Rewrote exchange routines to allow
160 o General tile <-> tile connectivity.
161 o TAMC reverse mode flag ( is this really needed? )
162 o Variable width overlap and exchange region widths.
163 o Hooks for sharing data via DMA, Arctic, Memory Channel,
164 shmput/shmget, VIA, SYSV shmem and every other cool
165 communication method.
167 checkpoint14
168 Consistent isomorphism chages made. These allow dynamical core
169 to support both pressure and meters as a vertical coordinate.
171 checkpoint13
172 Release which corrects global_max problem and a couple
173 of KGM time-averaging diagnostic errors. Also contains
174 a double-gyre experiment setup as well as the baseline
175 4 degree global template. The double gyre template is
176 organised to allow it to be applied automatically to
177 the baseline configuration.
179 branch-point-rdot
180 A few tidy-ups have been made bt the real point of this
181 check-point (excuse the pun) is to allow a branch to be
182 made for the purposes of adding the rDot alterations.
183 I don't want to commit the rDot to the main-trunk until
184 we've actually tested it...
186 checkpoint12
187 Tidy up and added generic genmake script (formerly
188 configure script).
189 Released to testers.
191 checkpoint11
192 Re-arranged initialise() and introduced ini_vertical_grid()
193 and ini_masks_etc().
195 checkpoint10
196 Introduced the configure script.
197 Separated out the diags package.
198 Added template for writing time-averages of tile/intermediate quantities.
199 Updated SIZE.h in exp2 and made the data big-endian.
201 checkpoint9
202 MPI fix. Filename changes (meta/data). salbin*y stuff.
203 General tidy-up.
204 SST.bin SSS.bin added to verification/exp2
206 checkpoint8
207 Inludes time-dependant forcing and time-averaging.
208 Works at 4x4 and 2.8125x2.8125 global
210 checkpoint7-4degree-ref
211 Branch from checkpoint7. Released for application to
212 global modeling and general modeling - process studies, regional
213 model etc..
214 Configured for verification/exp2 - 4 degree global, two process.
216 checkpoint7
217 Created by cnh
218 Simple 4 degree global simulation
219 configuration.
220 Includes climatological wind,
221 hydrography, bathymetry etc
222 Does not include Heat Flux and E-P
224 checkpoint6
225 Created by cnh
226 merged checkpoint5 with CD and
227 spherical polar code.
228 Still some problems with GM Redi
229 abd full topography.
231 checkpoint5
232 Created by AJA
233 contains updates to GM Redi
234 and reordered timestepping loop
235 for Implicit Diffusion.
237 checkpoint4
238 Created by cnh
239 Contains memory saving macros ( _rdxc etc..) for when
240 grid variations are limited.
241 Contains polynomial coeffs for EOS and knudsen program
242 for generation.
244 checkpoint3
245 Created by cnh
246 Added extra flags for runtime options
247 Added this file
248 Added implicit free-surface
249 Added pre-conditioner
250 Put compare01 into repository ( compare01/... )
251 Put data and eedata into repository ( verification/exp1 )
253 checkpoint2
254 Created by AJA
255 Added GM/Redi
257 checkpoint1
258 Created by AJA
259 Restructured kloop in dynamics.F
260 Added non-linear EOS
262 baseline
263 Original checked in code

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