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Wed Jan 5 19:49:07 2005 UTC (19 years, 4 months ago) by edhill
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +5 -2 lines
 o improve the install process

1 #!/bin/bash
3 # Ed Hill
4 # Wed Nov 19 18:31:21 EST 2003
6 if test -e ./build_dir ; then
7 rm -rf ./build_dir
8 fi
9 mkdir ./build_dir
11 db2ps -d ldp.dsl devel_HOWTO.sgml
12 db2pdf -d ldp.dsl devel_HOWTO.sgml
13 mv devel_HOWTO.pdf devel_HOWTO.ps ./build_dir
15 rm -rf devel_HOWTO
16 db2html -d ./ldp.dsl devel_HOWTO.sgml
17 ( cd devel_HOWTO && ln -s t1.htm index.html )
18 mv devel_HOWTO ./build_dir/devel_HOWTO_multipage/
20 db2html -u -d ./ldp.dsl devel_HOWTO.sgml
21 ( cd devel_HOWTO && mv devel_HOWTO.html index.html )
22 mv devel_HOWTO ./build_dir/devel_HOWTO_onepage/
24 (
25 cd ./build_dir
26 ln -s devel_HOWTO_multipage html_multipage
27 ln -s devel_HOWTO_onepage html_onepage
28 )
30 ssh mitgcm.org 'cd /u/httpd/html/devel_HOWTO ; rm -rf dev* html*'
31 scp -r ./build_dir/* mitgcm.org:/u/httpd/html/devel_HOWTO
32 ssh mitgcm.org 'chgrp -R gcmpack /u/httpd/html/devel_HOWTO/*'

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