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Wed Jan 17 18:58:06 2001 UTC (23 years, 6 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: branch-atmos-merge
CVS Tags: branch-atmos-merge-phase4
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1 adcroft Notes for the merging of AJA's and JMC's atmospheric codes into
2     main-stream code:
4     branch-atmos-merge Created branch
5     branch-atmos-merge-start Initial state (equiv. to checkpoint33)
6     branch-atmos-merge-phase1 Phase 1: moved correction step from
7     top of dynamics() to end of the_main_loop()
8 adcroft branch-atmos-merge-phase2 Phase 2: re-arranged calling order in
9     dynamics() in order to facilitate staggered
10 adcroft time-stepping at a later date
11     branch-atmos-merge-phase3 Phase 3: sorted out OBCs in new dynamics(),
12     tested in exp4, sorted out gmredi, tested
13     in front_relax
14 adcroft branch-atmos-merge-phase4 Phase 4: re-wrote calc_phi_hyd(),
15     find_rho() and deleted calc_buoyancy()

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