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# Line 5  MITgcmUV Getting Started Line 5  MITgcmUV Getting Started
6  o Introduction  o Introduction
8  o Install    This note is a guide to using the MIT General Circulation Model Ultra Verstaile
9    tar -xvf ...    implementation, MITgmcUV. MITgcmUV is a Fortran code that implements the
10    cd tools    algorithm described in Marshall et. al. 1997, Hill, Adcroft, ...
11    genmake.dec     The MITgcmUV implementation is designed to work efficiently on all classes
12    cd ../bin    of computer platforms. It can be used in both a single processor mode
13    ln -s ../tools/Makefile.dec makefile    and a parallel processor mode. Parallel processing can be either multi-threaded
14    make depend    shared memory such as that found on CRAY T90 machines or it can be multi-process
15    make    distributed memory. A set of "execution enviroment" support routines are
16    setenv PARALLEL 1    used to allow the same numerical code to run on top of a single-process, multi-threaded
17    ../exe/barrier    or distributed multi-process configuration.
19    o Installing
20      To setup the model on a particular computer the code tree must be created
21      and appropriate compile and run scripts set up. For some platforms
22      the necessary scripts are included in the release - in this case follow
23      the steps below:
25      1. Extract MITgcmUV from the downloadable archive
26         tar -xvf MITgcmUV.2.0.tar
28      2. Create platform specific make file
29         For example on a Digital UNIX machine the script "genmake.dec" can
30         be used as shown below
32         cd MITgcmUV.2.0/tools
33         genmake.dec
34         cd ../bin
35         ln -s ../tools/Makefile.dec makefile
37  o Running    3. Now create header file dependency entries
38         make depend
40      4. Compile code
41         make
43      5. Copy input files
44         cp ../verification/exp2/[a-z]* .
46    - Inout files    6. Run baseline test case
47      eedata       setenv PARALLEL 1
48      data       ../exe/mitgcmuv
50         This runs a 4 degree global ocean climatological simulation.
51         By default this code is set to use two porcessors splitting
52         the model domain along the equator. Textual output is written
53         to files STDOUT.* and STDERR.* with one file for each process.
54         Model fileds are written to files suffixed .data and .meta
55         These files are written on a per process basis. The .meta
56         file indicates the location and shape of the subdomain in
57         each .data file.
59    o Running
61      - Input and output files
63        Required files
64        ==============
65        The model is configured to look for two files with fixed names.
66        These files are called
67         "eedata" and "data".
68        The file eedata contains "execution environment" data. At present
69        this consists of a specification of the number of threads to
70        use in X and Y under multithreaded execution.
72    - Serial execution    - Serial execution
# Line 42  o References Line 89  o References
89                Sun                Sun
90                Linux threads                Linux threads
91                CRAY multitasking                CRAY multitasking
92                  PPT notes

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