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# Line 27  o Installing Line 27  o Installing
27       tar -xvf cNN.tar       tar -xvf cNN.tar
29    2. Create platform specific make file    2. Create platform specific make file
30       For example on a Digital UNIX machine the script "genmake.dec" can       For example on a Digital UNIX machine the script "genmake" can
31       be used as shown below       be used as shown below
33       cd bin       cd bin
# Line 40  o Installing Line 40  o Installing
40    4. Compile code    4. Compile code
41       make       make
43    5. Copy input files    5. To run the model with example data see the "README" in each of
44       cp ../verification/exp2/[a-z]* ../verification/exp2/*bin .       the example experiments in ../verification/exp*/
45         e.g.  ../verification/exp2/README
   6. Run baseline test case  
      setenv PARALLEL 1  
      dmpirun -np 2 ../exe/mitgcmuv        ( Under Digital UNIX   )  
      mpirun.p4shmem ../exe/mitgcmuv -np 2 ( Under Solaris + mpich)  
      This runs a 4 degree global ocean climatological simulation.  
      By default this code is set to use two processors splitting  
      the model domain along the equator. Textual output is written  
      to files STDOUT.* and STDERR.* with one file for each process.  
      Model fileds are written to files suffixed .data and .meta  
      These files are written on a per process basis. The .meta  
      file indicates the location and shape of the subdomain in  
      each .data file.  
      This 4 degree global ocean climatological simulation is the baseline  
      configuration for the MITgcmUV code. The change files that  
      convert the model to a different configuration in the  
      verification directory all assume that the model is configured for  
      the baseline case and change the model code accordingly.  
48  o Running  o Running
# Line 79  o Running Line 60  o Running
61    - Serial execution    - Serial execution
63      - Parallel execution. MPI
64        mPx, nPy
65        dmpirun
67    - Parallel execution. Threads    - Parallel execution. Threads
68      nSx, nSy      nSx, nSy
69      setenv PARALLEL n      setenv PARALLEL n
70      nTx=2, nTy=2      nTx=2, nTy=2
   - Parallel execution. MPI  
     mPx, nPy  
72    - Parallel execution. Hybrid    - Parallel execution. Hybrid
74  o Cutomising the code  o Cutomising the code

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