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# Line 84  o Running Line 84  o Running
85    - Parallel execution. Hybrid    - Parallel execution. Hybrid
87    o Cutomising the code
89      Model structure
90      ===============
91      The "numerical" model is contained within a execution
92      environment support wrapper. This wrapper is designed
93      to provide a general framework for grid-point models.
94      MITgcmUV is a specific numerical model that uses the
95      framework.
96       Under this structure the model is split into
97      execution environment support code and conventional
98      numerical model code. The execution environment
99      support code is held under the "eesupp" directory.
100      The grid point model code is held under the
101      "model" directory.
102       Code execution actually starts in the eesupp
103      routines and not in the model routines. For this
104      reason the top level main.F is in the eesupp/src
105      directory. End-users should not need to worry about
106      this level. The top-level routine for the numerical
107      part of the code is in model/src/the_model_main.F.
110  o References  o References
111    Web sites - HP    Web sites - HP
112    for doc     Digital    for doc     Digital

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