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Tue Apr 5 20:48:20 2005 UTC (19 years ago) by gforget
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1 $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/doc/README,v 1.16 2003/08/22 14:30:41 edhill Exp $
3 ================
4 === WARNING ===
5 ================
8 For MITgcm Users :
10 This directory (MITgcm/doc) does *NOT* contain the primary user
11 documentation for the MITgcm code. We strongly suggest that you forgo
12 the effort of downloading and "building" the documentation in the
13 different formats (pdf, html, etc.) and instead read and/or download
14 the documentation which is conveniently referenced from the main web
15 site at:
17 http://mitgcm.org
21 For MITgcm Developers:
23 If you wish to customize or extend the MITgcm code, this directory
24 contains a "HOWTO" document that tries to explain:
26 + where the code, documentation, and test/verification
27 data sets are arranged within the CVS repository;
29 + how to run the verification tests;
31 + how to get help from the core developers; and
33 + how to best integrate your work with the overall project.
36 The document is available in SGML source within this directory:
38 devel_HOWTO.sgml
40 and in various formats on our web site:
42 http://mitgcm.org/dev_docs/devel_HOWTO/
46 ======================================================================
47 === WARNING : The following has been superseeded by the on-line ===
48 === documentation at: http://mitgcm.org ===
49 ======================================================================
52 MITgcmUV Getting Started
53 ========================
55 o Introduction
57 This note is a guide to using the MIT General Circulation Model Ultra Verstaile
58 implementation, MITgmcUV. MITgcmUV is a Fortran code that implements the
59 algorithm described in Marshall et. al. 1997, Hill, Adcroft, ...
60 The MITgcmUV implementation is designed to work efficiently on all classes
61 of computer platforms. It can be used in both a single processor mode
62 and a parallel processor mode. Parallel processing can be either multi-threaded
63 shared memory such as that found on CRAY T90 machines or it can be multi-process
64 distributed memory. A set of "execution enviroment" support routines are
65 used to allow the same numerical code to run on top of a single-process, multi-threaded
66 or distributed multi-process configuration.
68 o Installing
69 To setup the model on a particular computer the code tree must be created
70 and appropriate compile and run scripts set up. For some platforms
71 the necessary scripts are included in the release - in this case follow
72 the steps below:
74 1. Extract MITgcmUV from the downloadable archive
75 tar -xvf cNN.tar
77 2. Create platform specific make file
78 For example on a Digital UNIX machine the script "genmake" can
79 be used as shown below
81 cd bin
82 ../tools/genmake
83 cp Makefile.alpha Makefile ( On Alpha machine)
85 3. Now create header file dependency entries
86 make depend
88 4. Compile code
89 make
91 5. To run the model with example data see the "README" in each of
92 the example experiments in ../verification/exp*/
93 e.g. ../verification/exp2/README
96 o Running
98 - Input and output files
100 Required files
101 ==============
102 The model is configured to look for two files with fixed names.
103 These files are called
104 "eedata" and "data".
105 The file eedata contains "execution environment" data. At present
106 this consists of a specification of the number of threads to
107 use in X and Y under multithreaded execution.
109 - Serial execution
111 - Parallel execution. MPI
112 mPx, nPy
113 dmpirun
115 - Parallel execution. Threads
116 nSx, nSy
117 setenv PARALLEL n
118 nTx=2, nTy=2
120 - Parallel execution. Hybrid
122 o Cutomising the code
124 Model structure
125 ===============
126 The "numerical" model is contained within a execution
127 environment support wrapper. This wrapper is designed
128 to provide a general framework for grid-point models.
129 MITgcmUV is a specific numerical model that uses the
130 framework.
131 Under this structure the model is split into
132 execution environment support code and conventional
133 numerical model code. The execution environment
134 support code is held under the "eesupp" directory.
135 The grid point model code is held under the
136 "model" directory.
137 Code execution actually starts in the eesupp
138 routines and not in the model routines. For this
139 reason the top level main.F is in the eesupp/src
140 directory. End-users should not need to worry about
141 this level. The top-level routine for the numerical
142 part of the code is in model/src/the_model_main.F.
145 o References
146 Web sites - HP
147 for doc Digital
148 SGI
149 Sun
150 Linux threads
151 CRAY multitasking
152 PPT notes

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