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Thu Dec 10 18:14:57 1998 UTC (25 years, 7 months ago) by adcroft
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Changed instructions in open-boundary documentation.

1 Open Boundaries Implementation in MITgcmUV
3 These are some quick explanatory notes regards implementation of open
4 boundaries (OB) and the example configuration found in
5 .../verification/exp4/
8 Input and control of OBs
10 * The open boundaries code is used only if the LOGICAL parameter
11 openBondaries is .TRUE.
12 * Four 1-dimensional INTEGER arrays indicate the position of an OB:
13 OB_Jnorth, OB_Jsouth, OB_Ieast and OB_Iwest.
15 The values of OB_* indicate the absolute computational coordinate of an open
16 boundary. eg. OB_Jsouth(3)=4
17 means that in the column I=3 there is a "southern" OB at tracer point J=4.
18 Similarly OB_Iwest(2)=1 means that
19 the tracer point (2,1) is an OB point. This structure for specifying OBs
20 assumes that there will be only one northern and southern OB per column and
21 similar in the other direction. An entry of 0 (zero) means there is now OB
22 in that column/row.
24 The reference to "tracer points" above introduces an important distinction
25 between particular boundaries due to the C-grid staggering of variables. At
26 a northern OB tracer point (i,j) the OB v-velocity point is at (i,j) while
27 at a southern OB tracer point (i,j) the OB v-velocity point is at (i,j+1).
28 This is all taken care of in the code but when specifying OB values it is
29 important to remember the physical coordinates of T,S,U and V are not the
30 same for a given computational index.
33 Changing the type of open boundary
35 The supplied code simply specifies model variables at the appropriate
36 points. The value to be specified can (and should) be determine using a
37 radiative condition. A skeleton code is supplied set_obcs.F to illustrate
38 how
39 this might be done. This is the only routine that needs to be edited. Edit
40 others at your own peril!
43 The examples
45 There are three examples in .../verification/exp4/
47 1. A zonal channel (solid side walls) with open boundaries at either end:
48 data.channel
49 2. A zonal channel with a Gaussian bump and open boundaries at either end:
50 data.bumpchannel
51 3. An open domain (OBs on four sides) with a Gaussian bump: data.bump
53 Each data file has a corresponding topog.* file which is specified through
54 the variable bathyFile in data.*
55 The physical problem has a flow of U=25 cm/s specified at all open
56 boundaries. The details of the experiment can be found in Adcroft's thesis
57 (Imperial College) and in Adcroft, Hill and Marshall, MWR 1997.
59 The differences between the supplied data.* files also show how to turn
60 particular OBs on and off.
62 Compiling and running the examples
64 The examples supplied are the barotropic zonal flow over a Gaussian bump in
65 a channel.
67 * Header files: Copy or link SIZE.h, CPP_OPTIONS.h and CP_EEOPTIONS.h
68 from .../verification/exp4/code/ to .../model/inc/, .../model/inc/ and
69 .../eesupp.inc/ respectively
70 * Modified source: Copy set_obcs.F to .../model/src/
72 Now compile the code as usual:
74 * cd bin
75 * ../tools/genmake -makefile
76 * make depend
77 * make
79 To run the code you must first choose a data file to use:
81 * cd ../verification/exp4/input
82 * cp data.bump data
83 * ../../exe/mitgcmuv
85 Happy Open Boundarying!

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