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revision by adcroft, Tue Mar 13 15:35:45 2001 UTC revision by adcroft, Thu Mar 15 15:12:57 2001 UTC
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1  Change log for branch "pre38".  Change log for branch "pre38".
3     o cosine(latitude) scaling of viscosity and diffusion
4       - moved declaration of "cosFac" from calc_mom_rhs.F to GRID.h
5       - now calculated in ini_spherical_grid.F  (set to 1 in ini_cartesian_grid.F)
6       - "Method III" (preferred) available for bi-harmonic term
7       - an-isotropic (preferred) scaling available
8       - added scaling for diffusion (same features as for viscosity above)
9       x thought for the future: lateral GM/Redi fluxes are currently scaled.
10         If we scale them we would have to scale the other tensor components
11         in order to retain the adiabatic property of scheme.

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