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Wed Mar 21 15:37:09 2001 UTC (23 years, 3 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: pre38
Changes since +2 -0 lines
Packaged cg2d into pkg/cg2d
 - added option to use "regular" overlap sizes for internal arrays
   [default is to use optimized form]

1 Change log for branch "pre38".
3 o cosine(latitude) scaling of viscosity and diffusion
4 - moved declaration of "cosFac" from calc_mom_rhs.F to GRID.h
5 - now calculated in ini_spherical_grid.F (set to 1 in ini_cartesian_grid.F)
6 - "Method III" (preferred) available for bi-harmonic term
7 - an-isotropic (preferred) scaling available
8 - added scaling for diffusion (same features as for viscosity above)
9 x thought for the future: lateral GM/Redi fluxes are currently scaled.
10 If we scale them we would have to scale the other tensor components
11 in order to retain the adiabatic property of scheme.
12 o combined initializations of G's and other time-stepping arrays
13 - created ini_garrays.F to initialize G's to zero
14 - combined uVel + vVel initialization into ini_vels.F
15 - deleted ini_uvel.F + ini_vvel.F
16 - removed ini_gw.F since no longer necessary
17 o re-arranged order of arrays in /GRID_R/ in GRID.h
18 g77 suddenly started complaining about padding. Odd but SGI concurred!
19 o fixed CPP_EEOPTIONS.h in hs94.128x64x5
20 o moved cg2d solver into pkg/cg2d
21 - added CPP flag for using "regular" overlaps instead of Olx=Oly=1

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