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Mon May 21 15:04:52 2001 UTC (23 years ago) by adcroft
Branch: pre38
CVS Tags: pre38-close
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Added comments about tagging branch ready for merge.

1 adcroft Change log for branch "pre38".
3 adcroft o cosine(latitude) scaling of viscosity and diffusion
4     - moved declaration of "cosFac" from calc_mom_rhs.F to GRID.h
5     - now calculated in ini_spherical_grid.F (set to 1 in ini_cartesian_grid.F)
6     - "Method III" (preferred) available for bi-harmonic term
7     - an-isotropic (preferred) scaling available
8     - added scaling for diffusion (same features as for viscosity above)
9     x thought for the future: lateral GM/Redi fluxes are currently scaled.
10     If we scale them we would have to scale the other tensor components
11     in order to retain the adiabatic property of scheme.
12 adcroft o combined initializations of G's and other time-stepping arrays
13     - created ini_garrays.F to initialize G's to zero
14     - combined uVel + vVel initialization into ini_vels.F
15     - deleted ini_uvel.F + ini_vvel.F
16     - removed ini_gw.F since no longer necessary
17     o re-arranged order of arrays in /GRID_R/ in GRID.h
18     g77 suddenly started complaining about padding. Odd but SGI concurred!
19     o fixed CPP_EEOPTIONS.h in hs94.128x64x5
20 adcroft o cg2d: added CPP flag for using "regular" overlaps instead of Olx=Oly=1
21     o added inheritence of -disable option to package sub-directories
22     o testscript has -skip option and puts full output into output.txt
23 adcroft o added pkg/mom_fluxform: conservative form of momentum equations
24     - *should* produce identical results to original calc_mom_rhs.F
25     o added pkg/mom_vecinv: vectgor invariant form of momentum equations
26     - no-slip side conditions not implemented. Don't try to use them!
27 jmc o define separatetly surface and bottom position - set maskC as 3D global array
28     o modify Surface correction term to deal with topography in Atmosphere
29     o prepare implementation of non-Linear Free Surface:
30     - add parameters and CPP_options for non-Linear Free Surface
31     - move etaNm1 to main common block
32     o allow to re-compute eta to conserve exactly the total volume.
33 adcroft o added fCoriG to PARAMS.h, ini_cori.F, FCORI_MACROS.h
34     - needed for VI momentum equations which are broken without.
35 jmc o CG2D: allow to switch-off RHS normalisation setting Residual_Target in W_unit
36 adcroft
37     O Many changes appear to be missing here...
39     o tagging end of branch with "pre38-close"
40     Merging this branch into "HEAD" on May 21, '01.

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