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Tue Mar 20 16:04:21 2001 UTC (23 years, 3 months ago) by adcroft
Branch: pre38
Changes since +8 -0 lines
Combined G's, re-arranged GRID_R and fixed hs94.128x64x5/code/CPP_EEOPTIONS.h

1 adcroft Change log for branch "pre38".
3 adcroft o cosine(latitude) scaling of viscosity and diffusion
4     - moved declaration of "cosFac" from calc_mom_rhs.F to GRID.h
5     - now calculated in ini_spherical_grid.F (set to 1 in ini_cartesian_grid.F)
6     - "Method III" (preferred) available for bi-harmonic term
7     - an-isotropic (preferred) scaling available
8     - added scaling for diffusion (same features as for viscosity above)
9     x thought for the future: lateral GM/Redi fluxes are currently scaled.
10     If we scale them we would have to scale the other tensor components
11     in order to retain the adiabatic property of scheme.
12 adcroft o combined initializations of G's and other time-stepping arrays
13     - created ini_garrays.F to initialize G's to zero
14     - combined uVel + vVel initialization into ini_vels.F
15     - deleted ini_uvel.F + ini_vvel.F
16     - removed ini_gw.F since no longer necessary
17     o re-arranged order of arrays in /GRID_R/ in GRID.h
18     g77 suddenly started complaining about padding. Odd but SGI concurred!
19     o fixed CPP_EEOPTIONS.h in hs94.128x64x5

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