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revision 1.8 by heimbach, Wed Jun 3 21:52:49 2009 UTC revision 1.9 by dimitri, Thu Jul 29 23:35:22 2010 UTC
# Line 231  atmospheric) state estimate to a wide co Line 231  atmospheric) state estimate to a wide co
231                      <td valign="middle" width="72"><p align="left">1992-2002</p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="72"><p align="left">1992-2002</p></td>
232                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p>Cubed-sphere (18 km)</p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p>Cubed-sphere (18 km)</p></td>
233                      <td valign="middle" width="36"><p align="center">50</p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="36"><p align="center">50</p></td>
234                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p align="center"><a href="http://ecco2.jpl.nasa.gov/products/output/cube/" target="_blank">GF</a></p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p align="center"><a href="http://ecco2.jpl.nasa.gov/products/" target="_blank">GF</a></p></td>
235                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p>Green functions</p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="97"><p>Green functions</p></td>
236                      <td valign="middle" width="144"><p>&nbsp;</p></td>                      <td valign="middle" width="144"><p>&nbsp;</p></td>
237                    </tr>                    </tr>

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