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revision 1.20 by dimitri, Mon Jan 12 19:33:18 2015 UTC revision 1.21 by dimitri, Tue Jan 19 18:51:00 2016 UTC
# Line 94  atmospheric) state estimate to a wide co Line 94  atmospheric) state estimate to a wide co
94                  </tr>                  </tr>
95                </table>                </table>
96                <p class="headergray">ECCO-Production and ECCO-IcES publications </p>                <p class="headergray">ECCO-Production and ECCO-IcES publications </p>
97                  <p class="headergray"><span class="headergray">2016: </span></p>
98                  <!--#include virtual="/ecco_2016_pub.html" -->
99                <p class="headergray"><span class="headergray">2015: </span></p>                <p class="headergray"><span class="headergray">2015: </span></p>
100                <!--#include virtual="/ecco_2015_pub.html" -->                <!--#include virtual="/ecco_2015_pub.html" -->
101                <p class="headergray"><span class="headergray">2014: </span></p>                <p class="headergray"><span class="headergray">2014: </span></p>

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