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Wed May 2 13:27:05 2018 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by mlosch
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1 Apr26, 2012
2 optim2: a new implementation of the optimization package. Uses a modified
3 of m1qn3 v3.3 for "offline" simulations in "reverse communication" mode.
5 May03, 2007
6 interp_llc: matlab scripts based on Alistair's topography generation scripts
7 which I have adapted to work with the lat-lon-cap grids.
8 You'll need to modify these scripts in order to use them (and
9 your favorite bottom topography and hydrography fields).
10 Start with doall.m
12 emo: experimental package which may or may not make it into the main branch
14 cg2d_sr_bench: benchmark for Christopher Wolfe's implementation of single
15 reduction cg2d, also created by Christopher

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