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short description + how input-files have been made.

1 Southern-Ocean box with Biochemistry, using Open-Boundary Conditions
2 (pkg/obcs) at Northern, Eastern and Western edges of the domain.
3 ======================================================================
5 This experiment illustrates and tests the use of package DIC with OBCS.
7 The configuration (e.g., resolution), model parameters and forcing are
8 almost identical to tutorial_global_oce_biogeo expect that the horizontal
9 domain is limited to a sub-domain around Drake passage with open-boundary
10 conditions coming from the last year of a 2 yrs global simulation and
11 initial conditions taken from t=1.yr of this same simulation.
12 This enable to compare directly the results of the first year simulation
13 of this regional set-up with the 2nd year results of the global set-up run.
15 Configure and compile the code:
16 cd build
17 ../../../tools/genmake2 -mods ../code [-of my_platform_optionFile]
18 make depend
19 make
20 cd ..
22 To run:
23 cd run
24 ln -s ../input/* .
25 ln -s ../build/mitgcmuv .
26 ./mitgcmuv > output.txt
27 cd ..
29 There is comparison output in the directory:
30 results/output.txt
32 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
33 To generate inital and open boundary conditions:
34 a) The global set-up (using executable from: tutorial_global_oce_biogeo/build)
35 was run for 2 years using model-parameter from inp_global/.
36 The only differences with the ones used in tutorial_global_oce_biogeo are:
37 - CD-Scheme is turned off (useCDscheme=F), since it is not implemented for OBCS ;
38 - as a consequence, horizontal viscosity (viscAh) is increased from 2.E5 to 3.E5;
39 - convective-adjustment diffusivity (ivdc_kappa) is reduced from 100. to 10.m^2/s;
40 - implicit vertical viscosity is turned off (not needed);
41 - free-surface exact conservation is turned on (exactConserv=T);
42 - use the Avective-Form of GM (in data.gmredi: GM_AdvForm=T) instead of Skew-Flux;
44 to repeat this global simutlation, from so_box_biogeo/
45 mkdir run_glob ; cd run_glob
46 ln -s ../inp_global/* .
47 ../inp_global/prepare_run
48 ln -s ../../tutorial_global_oce_biogeo/build/mitgcmuv .
49 ./mitgcmuv > output.glob
50 cd ..
52 b) Then regional model forcing files, initial conditions and open-boundary
53 conditions files are generated using the matlab script: "mk_box_input.m"
54 cd inp_global/
55 matlab
56 >> mk_box_input

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