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replace content of verification/seaice_itd
  - instead of a 1D column use the configuration of offline_exf_seaice
    to test the ice thickness distribution code with ridging
  - this is a first shot at this experiment

1 Seaice-only verification experiment in idealized periodic channel with
2 ice thickness distribution (otherwise very similar to
3 offline_exf_seaice): CPP-flag SEAICE_ITD is defined
4 -----------------------------------------------------------------
6 1) main forward experiment (code, input)
8 Re-entrant zonally periodic channel (80x42 grid points) with just level (Nr=1)
9 uniform resolution (5.km, 10m), solid Southern boundary with triangular shape
10 coastline ("bathy_3c.bin")
12 Use seaice (dynamics & thermodynamics from pkg/seaice) with EXF (see data.pkg)
13 with initial ice thickness ranging from nearly 0 m in the "south"
14 to over 7 m in the "north"(but no snow)
15 (HeffFile = 'heff_quartic.bin', in "input/data.seaice")
16 Initial seaice concentration is 100 % everywhere
17 (AreaFile='const100.bin', in "input/data.seaice")
18 and seaice is initially at rest.
20 Ridging is computed according to Thorndyke et al (1975) and Hibler
21 (1980). Ice strength P is computed following Rothrock (1975)
23 At runtime turn off time-stepping in 'data', PARM01, using:
24 momStepping = .FALSE.,
25 saltStepping = .FALSE.,
26 tempAdvection=.FALSE.,
28 Forcing:
29 None of the forcing vary with time; the input files have been
30 generated using the python script "input/gendata.py".
31 SST relaxation field is uniform in X, parabolic function of Y with
32 maximum close to Southern boundary.
34 Atmospheric air temp is uniform in Y, and only vary with X (~sin(2.pi.x/Lx))
35 with an amplitude of 4.K ('tair_4x.bin');
36 Uses constant Relative Humidity (70%, file 'qa70_4x.bin')
37 constant and uniform downward shortwave (100.W/m2, 'dsw_100.bin'),
38 downward longwave (250.W/m^2, 'dlw_250.bin'),
39 zonal wind (10.m/s, 'windx.bin'),
40 no meridional wind, no precip.
42 Ocean surface currents comes from a 3 levels ocean-only run (without seaice)
43 using the same wind forcing (uVel_3c0.bin, vVel_3c0.bin) (matlab script:
44 "input/getdata.m")
46 2) other (secondary) experiments (with the same executable)
48 a) input.lipscomb07: seaice-dynamics only with ridging scheme
49 following Lipscomb et al (2007); uses same forcing as main forward
50 experiment, without thermodynamic forcing
51 (usePW79thermodynamics=.FALSE., SEAICEpartFunc = 1, SEAICEredistFunc = 1,
52 in input.dyn_lsr/data.seaice).
54 b) input.thermo: seaice-dynamics and thermodynamics with ridging, but
55 ice strength is computed following Hibler (1979):
56 P = 27.5e4*(h*c)*exp(-20*(1-c))

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