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Fri Apr 21 18:44:49 2006 UTC (14 years, 2 months ago) by jmc
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global_ocean_pressure has been moved to verification/tutorial_global_oce_in_p

1 global ocean in pressure coordinate
2 ===================================
4 To apply the changes to the default configuration of MITgcmUV:
5 Configure and compile the code:
6 cd verification/global_ocean_pressure/input
7 ../../../tools/genmake -mods='../code'
8 make depend
9 make
10 To run the code:
11 ./mitgcmuv
13 There is comparison output in directory:
14 ../verification/global_ocean_pressure/results
17 o the set up is similar to that of global_ocean.90x40x15
18 o the code directory contains calc_phi_hyd.F, where the potential is computed
19 according to the more natural finite volume discretization. Finite difference
20 discretization is energy conserving, but the representation of the "fixed"
21 surface (interface ocean-atmosphere) is less consistent.
22 o the code directory also contains dynamics.F which calls
23 remove_mean_rl.F, a generic routine, to remove the mean from the
24 diagnostic variable phiHydLow (sea surface height/gravity in pressure
25 coordinates)
27 changes: 07 Feb. 2003 (jmc):
28 o find difficult to maintain the local version of dynamics.F up to date.
29 therefore, has been remove from the code directory.
30 One can recover the same version (but up to date) simply
31 by activating the commented lines [between lines Cml( and Cml) ],
32 at the end of the standard version of dynamics.F
33 o finite volume form of calc_phi_hyd.F is now a standard option.
34 only needs to set integr_GeoPot=1 in file "data" to select this form.

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