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Mon Mar 10 01:35:16 2014 UTC (6 years, 2 months ago) by jmc
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Changes since 1.7: +5 -3 lines
update the intructions on how to run (in dir "run" instead of in "build"
 or "input" or elsewhere)

1 Example: "Flow over a bump with Open Boundaries and passive tracers"
2 ====================================================================
4 default paths are (as used in testreport):
5 set build_dir = ${cwd}/build
6 set run_dir = ${cwd}/run
7 set ROOT = ${cwd}/../../
9 Configure and compile the code:
10 cd ${build_dir}
11 ${ROOT}/tools/genmake2 -mods ../code [-of my_platform_optionFile]
12 make depend
13 make
14 cd ..
16 To run:
17 cd ${run_dir}
18 ln -s ../input/* .
19 ${build_dir}/mitgcmuv > output.txt
20 cd ..
22 There is comparison output in the directory:
23 results ( absolute path: ${run_dir}/../results )
26 The input data is real*8.
28 This experiment is a channel with topography and four open
29 boundaries. Salinity is not dynamically active in this experiment
30 (linear equation of state with sBeta=0). Different kinds of open
31 boundary values are used: zonal (x-)velocity U is prescribed at all
32 open boundaries with values that are read from data files (specified
33 in data.obcs); meridional (y-)velocity V is set to zero on all
34 boundaries, and temperature to tRef(z), both in obcs_calc.F, this is
35 the default behavior; at the western boundary, salinity values are
36 used for salinity and one passive tracer in the same way. Salinity is
37 set to sLev at all other boundaries, while a (nearly) homogeneous
38 v.Neumann condition is applied to the passive tracer (the latter is
39 the default in obcs_calc.F), with a relaxation (using pkg rbcs) in
40 the Eastern part of the channel. Open boundary parameters are set in
41 data.obcs.

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