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Tue Dec 6 18:56:16 2011 UTC (8 years, 9 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
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add note (check_conserve_TS.txt) and matlab script to check global
conservation of T & S with NonLin-FreeSurf and Adams-Bashforth.

1 To check tracer conservation in advect_xz/input.nlfs set-up,
2 and in general when
3 - using NonLin FreeSurf
4 - using or not Adams-Bashforth (used here for Salinity)
5 - without thermal/salt/fresh-water forcing
7 From a standard run with input.nlfs parameter files:
8 > cd advect_xz/tr_run.nlfs
10 Download (using cvs):
11 > cvs co -d tmp MITgcm_contrib/jmc_script/extract_StD
12 > mv tmp/extract_StD .
13 > rm -rf tmp
14 > cvs co -d tmp MITgcm_contrib/jmc_script/read_StD.m
15 > mv tmp/read_StD.m .
16 > rm -rf tmp
18 Split multi-variable stats-diags file into variable specific files:
19 > ./extract_StD dynStDiag.0000000000.txt dynStD std
21 Plot global stats evolution using matlab:
22 >> grph_StD_AB
24 figure-3, top-panel: "Avr T"
25 evolution of global averaged (potential) Temperature.
26 (should be flat if conserving)
28 figure-4, top-panel: "Avr S"
29 evolution of global averaged Salinity
31 Since Adams-Bashforth is used (alphAB= 0.6 = 0.5+abEps) for Salt
32 with NonLin-FreeSurf, we don't expect to exactly conserve Salt,
33 but should not drift and exactly conserve a slightly modified
34 quantity: S_ab = S - alphAB*deltaT*gSnm1
36 After editing grph_StD_AB.m (commenting out the 2nd spec of alphAB):
37 >> grph_StD_AB
39 figure-3 is unchanged but top-panel on figure-4, now plot
40 the evolution of global averaged S_ab.
41 (should be flat if conserving)
42 Note a problem of conservation at the very 1rst iteration,
43 but later on the curve is flat. This problem is not seen
44 after a restart.

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